Rage On Xbox 360 is "True" Next Gen Gaming

Id's Software's new IP "Rage" is going to set the standard for fps both visually and technically this generation. With the power and developer friendly hardware of the Xbox 360, Rage looks like a next gen IP for "this gen consoles".

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Substance1013409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Didnt they say the same thing for Crysis 2 lol, it actually turned out to be technically less impressive then its predecessor. This gen has been stagnant for along while now.

Anyone looking for a next gen experience should invest in a PC, which would cost about a lil more then getting a next gen console(when ever those do start rolling out).

Ranshak3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

"Anyone looking for a next gen experience should invest in a PC, which would cost about a lil more then getting a next gen console"

Haha very true:

PC = getting next gen when you decide

Console = waiting on MS and Sony to decide

King_many_layers3409d ago

The quotation they used for this pityful argument is roughly 2 years old.
Since then the game's been shown running at 60FPS with no differences at an event.

Rashonality3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

PC = getting next gen when some studio try to prove them selves

Consoles = all huge projects will be next gen quality just to turn out decent.

Active Reload3408d ago

"Didnt they say the same thing for Crysis 2 lol"

Are you laughing at yourself for realizing that these are two different devs that made two different games?

captain-obvious3408d ago

i s[end alot of money on my gaming PC and THIS what you give me id ???


kancerkid3408d ago

Crysis 2 is impressive... on a decent PC.

RememberThe3573408d ago

You know whats even more funny about Crysis 2? I enjoyed it as a game not as a tech demo.

I know, who would have thought, right? Being a gamer, not a fanboy, has it's perks.

Army_of_Darkness3408d ago

"Anyone looking for a next gen experience should invest in a PC, which would cost about a lil more then getting a next gen console"

I'm looking for several good games as well ;)
aside from MMOrpgs and FPS on pc( which I don't care to much about), what else is there to play on it??
Frankly, I'm happy accepting what the PS3 and even the xbox 360 has to offer at the moment. I'm in no rush to fork out another few hundred dollars for a new console anytime soon.

HolyOrangeCows3408d ago

They did pretty good on the original xbox, with DOOM 3.

But take this as hype. We've seen these claims before. Metro 2033, Alan Wake, Crysis 2.....let's not count chickens pre-hatching, eh?

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Focker4203409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

I noticed when watching gameplay of Rage there was a serious lack of on-screen happenings (for lack of a better term). Sure the environments looked nice, but as far as anything else going on it seemed to fall flat.

There weren't many on screen enemies (5 at a time max), the particle effects and explosions were poor, and the enemy AI/animations were fairly dull. I'm sure as far as having pretty environments it will succeed, but everything else appeared to suffer because of it.

What classifies as next-gen nowadays?? And isn't it redundant to say 'oh this game is next-gen quality' yet its coming out this-gen?? Well then its this-gen, is it not?? Especially since technically according to Sony and MS, this-gen is only halfway through.

iamnsuperman3409d ago

"And isn't it redundant to say 'oh this game is next-gen quality' yet its coming out this-gen?? Well then its this-gen, is it not??£

That is one thing that annoys me especially on console. This utter bull about "o my game is next gen but we made it for this gen" makes no sense. If it was truly next gen it will be on next gen consoles. Marketing bull

xxLuckyStrike3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

id software said they could of implemented all the bells and whistles you refer to but they opted for framerate, (60) to be exact..

SuperM3409d ago

Which is why this article is so stupid. There is no way a 60fps game on current generation will look anywhere close to a normal 30fps game on next generation platforms. Rage looks very impressive for a 60 fps game, but to call it next gen is utterly stupid as its not even the best looking game on consoles. Far from it actually.

It will be exciting to see Doom 4 though as it will be running on the same engine with 30fps instead of 60. I expect that game to look insane.

paintsville3408d ago

"John Carmack himself has gone on record to state "the Xbox 360 version of RAGE just about matches the 60fps frame rate of the PC version, while the PS3 only runs the game at around 20-30fps". This alone will separate the two console versions by miles. "
Wow you can't argue wit dat POW!!
Carmack refusing to dumb down the graphics for the lowest common denominator (ps3). He has balls of steel!!

cereal_killa3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

"Carmack said that the uncompressed build of Rage encompasses a terrabyte of data, and that id will need to use a "different type of compression" to fit the game on two dual-layer Xbox 360 DVDs.

When asked whether the difference will be significant, Carmack noted that "hero shots" should look similar, but that Xbox 360 players might find a rock that is more blurry when exploring the periphery of Rage's world.


Edge has posted further details from its article saying that Carmack is confident that the PS3 version will match that of all other supported platforms: "Everything is designed as a 60 hertz game. We expect this to be 60 hertz on every supported platform.

"The work remaining is getting it locked so there's never a dropped frame or a tear, but we're confident that we're going to get that."

Carmack has also complained about the 360 disk space (big shocker there) so it goes both ways but I'm sure you forgot about that most Muppet's do

ThanatosDMC3408d ago

Did you see the pictures on GameInformer's magazine. It looks mediocre compared to the screenshots they released months ago. Probably PC to console difference.

CernaML3408d ago

Ahhh paintsville. You never fail to make a complete fool of yourself.

Morbius4203408d ago

This folks is why it's time for next gen.

Delicious Malicious3408d ago

Carmack also complained of you being a fag. just sayin just saying.... fag

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ndl15313409d ago

did any of u see the samaritan demo from epic ? that demo IS next jen it uses THREE geforce gtx 580 cards and each cards like 600 dollars so compare that to 299 ? if nextjen to u guys is having the same game thats on ps3 and 360 with better resolutions well more power to you . i cant see myself spending that much just for a better frame rate and higher resolutions plus ps3 exlusives are also a plus 4 me

Substance1013409d ago

Next gen consoles if released in the next 2 years will have no where near the power of 3 GTX 580's. Physics simply wont allow it.

3 GTX 580s requires over 1kw of power and generate a massive amount of heat. The kind of air flow needed to keep those things cool can only be provided with a full size PC tower casing(something next gen consoles will never have, they wont be coming equippped with a PSU that can handle 1KW+ of power either).

I would estimate next consoles to use a mid to highrange GPU of today, so that they can be compact just the way a console is supposed to be (without causing a meltdown inside), and are able to power that same GPU in that same compact design. Anything more will never fit the price point MS and Sony want to target.

Any GPU that will match that sort of power will cost 300-400usd today.

That is unless Sony and MS want to go all out, design next consoles to be mid tower cases like some midrange PCs, which looks highly unlikely to me. Dont think any of them want to start another loss making gen, like they did for this gen.

SuperM3408d ago

Well by the end of this year GPUs will have a die shrink and we will likely see GPUs with up to 6 billion transistors. Thats twice as much as a GTX580. By the time next generation platforms arrive in the end of 2013 or in 2014 we might be seing another die shrink allowing GPUs with up to 12 billion transistors.

Nomather i dont think PS4 will have the power of 3 580GTX but i think it will have aproximately the power of 1 580gtx, perhaps a little more.

The samaritan demo only needs 3 580GTX cards because it isnt optimized. They wanted to build the demo as quickly as possible and if they had to optimize all the code it would take much longer time. That demo could with a little optimization easily run on a single 580GTX and a console with power equal to a 580GTX and a decent CPU will be able to produce much better graphics then even the samaritan demo. Maybe not with the first games, but as developers gets friendly with the hardware.

Gamingisfornerds3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Up till now, during this 5 year generation cycle there hasn't been any PC game that I would consider to be in a league of it's own (well, except for Crysis back when it was released). Sure, most PC counterparts have better AA, sharper textures and a couple of other techinal benefits. But really, there isn't a single game (except for Crysis back then) that really stands out as much as the PC fanboys make it out to be. Gears 3 on Xbox360 looks absolutely fantastic, as does Killzone 3 on PS3 and so on.

However, now with Battlefield 3 I think we can finally say that PC is moving to it's own league and finally leaving the consoles behind. But by the time it releases, it has taken almost 6 years (!!!) to accomplish that. So I agree that NOW is the time to invest in a PC, but for the past 5 years, this has not been the case.

starchild3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

You only think that because you probably just game on consoles. The difference between playing a game on my PC and playing a game on one of my consoles is quite large. It makes a big impact. Hell, simply having double the frame rate makes a big impact.

Games like The Witcher 2, Crysis, Crysis 2, Metro 2033, and Battlefield 3 look far better than anything on consoles. Multiplats also look a good deal better on PC as well.

Gamingisfornerds3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

They look better and in most cases with better performance. But it's hardly a world apart. The experience is still pretty much the same.

You can't say that playing Metro 2033 on PC is like playing a next-gen game, while playing Metro 2033 on a console is like playing a current-gen game.

That's simply not the case. I know PC gamers tend to be very anal about AA, sharp textures, higher res etc. But the fact of the matter is that those qualities are nice to have, but are vastly overrated as far as the overal visual presentation of a game goes.

kramun3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Metro 2033 with everything maxed out compared to Metro 2033 on 360 IS a world apart.

reynod3409d ago


Youd have to be blind not to be able to see a big difference between PC version of metro 2033 running maxed out and the xbox 360 version. Its not the same expereience at all.

Personally you should checkout metro 2033 running on PC in 3D it looks amazing. From what i recall metro 2033 on Xbox 360 is barely running in 540p.

SuperM3408d ago

Metro 2033 is a horribly unoptimized game though. A true optimized game for high end PCs would look a generation beyond current gen games, however no such game is being made. There are definately benefits with having a high end PC. Games look so much sharper then the often blurred out experiences you get on consoles.

However i would agree that they certainly arent worlds apart. At the moment current gen consoles are holding back high end PCs. We will have to wait until next gen to see what high end PCs truly are capable off.

Gamingisfornerds3408d ago

SuperM is actually the only person that gets it. The other comments I will ignore because those people obviously haven't a clue.

SuicideShaun3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

The idiocy in your post is beyond me. PC gaming has always been another level. Even back in the ps2 days. Get your facts straight buddy.

There's more then just a visual experience. Playing at my desk with my keyboard and mouse is just so beta. Playing on my xbox or ps3 feels like a kids toy to be honest.

jetlian3408d ago

gamingerds. samaritain looks like a whole new level most pcs are definitly higher than 360 but nowhere near a whole level.

Morbius4203408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

If you ignore them then how do you know if they get it or not? Just saying.

Gamingisfornerds3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Because I read their comments and realised they haven't a clue, so I ignore any other comments coming from them.

Understand now? Or do you need further clarification? Should I draw a diagram? ;)

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Istanbull3409d ago

No. The difference between PC and consoles isnt that big. Crysis 1, Witcher 2 and other high profile graphic games on PC, while looking great, is still not what I expect from the next gen. DId you see the Samaritan trailer from Epic? Thats what I call next gen, as long as PC's cant do graphics like those, I wont call it next gen.

SuperM3408d ago

PC probably could do those graphics if someone made a really optimized game specifically for high end PCs. But thats not going to happen. We wont see true next gen games until next generation xbox and playstation arrive.

ndl15313408d ago

yea man dont know much about pc's just saw the epic demo and decided to look those graphic cards up and dam they are expensive and its using three but technology advances very fast so cant wait to see what the future brings ive been a console gamer all my life so gotta wait. still very satisfied with whats being realeased today . also looked up rage gameplay and im really excited for this looks good love that apocalyptic end of the word type madmax feel of it reminds me allot of borderlands and i loved that game

SuperM3408d ago

When they optimize the engine it wont need 3 cards to run those graphics. 1 580GTX will be more then enough.

lelo2play3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

If you want a next gen RPG, get The Witcher 2 for PC...
... for FPS, Metro 2033 on high settings (if your PC doesn't choke first) :)
... or wait for BF3 on PC

kikizoo3408d ago

"Id's Software's new IP "Rage" is going to set the standard for fps both visually and technically this generation. With the power and developer friendly hardware of the Xbox 360, Rage looks like a next gen IP for "this gen consoles"

delusional xfan much ? lol.

theonlylolking3408d ago

They are so full of themselves.MW2 looks better than RAGE.

fluffydelusions3408d ago

Id have been in the business for a while now. They have always pushed the graphics envelope.

Anon19743408d ago Show
AdvanceWarsSgt3408d ago

Where the hell are all the disagrees coming from?

It's a known fact that PCs have and will always be ahead of consoles. BF3 proves that; heck Crysis 1 STILL proves that.

The PC platform will always be where TRUE next-gen gaming comes from, because the platform is always progressing with new technology.

frostypants3408d ago

This "article" reads like it was written by a 12 year old.

MEsoJD3408d ago

haha Yeah I'm defiantly getting rage on pc.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3408d ago

Rage will look good on both consoles. Maybe id will port a version for Nintendo's next beast. That would be the version I would want to see. IMO Rage will be the best current gen has to offer.

Morbius4203408d ago

I wouldn't call Nintendo's next console a beast since it's barely more powerful than a PlayStation 3.

milohighclub3408d ago

It's not next gen gaming if its on this gens hardware.

Treyb3yond3408d ago

Games like Uncharted, Demon Souls, Heavy Rain and LA Noir are "stagnant"??

PC's are nothing special, theres hardly any pc exclusive games worth mentioning.

Graphics, FPS, RTS and MMO games are what pc's do best, but they're expensive, need upgrading constantly and are not worth shelling out for if all the games on offer are multiplatform anyway.

I'm a starcraft and company of heros player and even I can see this.

RBLAZE19883408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

lol wtf??? Maybe graphics wise it looks like an in between this gen and next gen but it'll look the same on ps3 tho. Also next gen will look probably a lot better what a stupid title for an article as some PC games already look next gen and way better than Rage...Like Crysis and Warhead and witcher 2. In terms of gameplay, Rage looks run of the mill. Lol at next gen Rage on the 360 will have multiple discs...yea real next gen...

avengers19783408d ago

The thing about the PC thing is, it is true that a PC is capable of doing more than a PS3 or 360, but the deves have to push the title, if they don't then it will be the same game across the board. So yes a PC can be better, but in all reality game developers are geared more towards consoles now.

lil Titan3408d ago

If the PC is so called "next gen" I rather stay last gen with my PS3 an amazing system I don't have to upgrade every time a so called "ground breaking" game comes out. Looks isn't everything if that what next gen is just good looking games I'll stay last gen with decent looking games with excellent gameplay

RBLAZE19883408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

@ Titan

cool go back to the ps2 then...gameplay hasn't changed much since then. You'll be much happier there right? Anyway I have a ps3 also i'm just saying this article title is dumb.

lil Titan3408d ago

@RBLAZE1988 nothing wrong with PS2 so ill have no problems going back to play those games and gamplay hasnt changed much since the Doom days if you really want to get technical. im just saying im happy with what i got so dont tell me if i want the best experience i have to buy a PC with all these types of expensive upgrades just to play one game. to each his own

dragonelite3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

You blind bro.
Crysis 2 has way better lighting.
And performs way better then crysis 1 ever could.

Hell and directX 11 runpath hasn't even been enable should increase performance on pc even more because crytek has pushed dx9 through hoops its not suppose to.
Still kinda feel crytek Frankfurt got either pushed by Ea to release the game earlier or microsoft pushed them so Frankfurt could work on Kingdoms. Because the pc crowd didn't deserved a rushed build like that.
No graphical option unless you want to jump through hoops or use a thirdparty app. No dX 11 runpath or dX10.

Still im waiting like a little child for christmass for Cryengine 3 SDK.

joab7773408d ago

I think the evolution of gaming at this point will come in gameplay, ie. La Noire. Biishock Incontestable may not be the best looking game ever released next yearbut it will b a definite step forward. Uncharted 3, skyrim,and rage will move us ahead slightly in the graphical department but much more in other ways, i hope. Hopefully rage is successful in delivering a next Gen style of play for an fps, just as skyrim will for rogsand battlefield 3 will for online fps play. A logical next step for consoles, whether it b this Gen or next is Modding. Whether its simply PC Modding to consoles etc.

n4f3408d ago

OH:0:o:O all this time i wasnt playing next gens game!?!?!//ss
this is so wack yes there a few gem but come on bbut let be honest, were all gamers
you buy a game today and you finish the next hours. you play a game and buy its successor but then you realize its a 60$+ tx dlc and that the dlc you bought for the other one(15$ for 2 map or 5$ useless horse armor)isnt compatible.
then you read that the dlc you bought was already on the dlc.
''you can play 1080p games''what there like 10 of them and 9 out of them sucks
''you can play 4d'' wtf is 4d
wake up people were are getting play on this gens is really the worst
online pass?on game dlc? you pay for some demo?really

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Surfaced3409d ago ShowReplies(1)
jizzyjones3409d ago

'Rage is truly ahead of its time, the first of its kind'


COD/Beyonetta/GOW3/WipeoutHD/ Forza/GT5 ect ect all do 60fps

floetry1013409d ago

None of those you mentioned are open world games.

Why do people make a concerted effort to shun this game? id have been working on this for ages to deliver a solid game, John Carmack has been behind it the entire time. Of course it won't be as good as the PC version, is that stopping it from being a technical achievement in its own right? Certainly not.

KwietStorm3409d ago

It's not really about the game itself, but the article was clearly, and I mean blatantly dripping with bias, not only for a game that isn't out yet, but for the Xbox 360. There wasn't even a point to it. It was nothing more than a opinion from out the blue, based on [half] a statement from months ago.

Biggest3408d ago

"None of those you mentioned are open world games."

Which means they fit right in with Rage, which is also not an open world game.

stonecold33409d ago

and saying mulit plats look better on 360 just had to laugh at that one portal 2 la noire mvc3 ff13 burnout dragon age warrior mk all say hi on ps3

waltyftm3409d ago

And thats the bottom line, Cos stone cold said so.

lazertroy3409d ago

whoever wrote this Put your index finger over your mouth.