SEGA’s E3 2011 lineup

Check out SEGA's lineup for E3 2011 lineup, which will include some surprises.

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NYC_Gamer2920d ago

shenmue 3 or nothing for me

dangert122920d ago

I was a sonic fan will play older versions up till the dreamcast version till i pass out but i think sega should stop beating a dead horse here. take one team back to the lab tell them they have 2-3 years to make a sonic game wow me...let sonic die for a while then when it comes back everyone is like O_O have you seen the new sonic? rather then milking it on everyplatform making sub par version every year

other then that i actually like sega
yakuza,valkyria chronicles etc...

AdvanceWarsSgt2919d ago

Colors isn't a bad game at all though, and Generations looks to be in the same vein as that game.

I think Sega (finally!) has recaptured that Sonic magic.

dangert122919d ago

i havent even seen the game anywhere may have to order it online

miyamoto2920d ago

Guardian Heroes on PSN
Sonic Generations on NGP

zeal0us2920d ago

"Additional surprises"?

release Sonic adventures 2 already for psn and xbl

RockmanII72920d ago

There should be a way to give more than 1 agree

SKUD2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

More Sonic crap inbound. The beating of a dead horse continues.

Kon2920d ago

Sonic Generations actually seems pretty good.

Quagmire2920d ago

Its the only game in Sega's lineup Im actually looking forward to.

Know where the bloody hell is Aliens: Colonial Marins and Shenmue HD collection?

DarkSniper2920d ago

Sega is absolutely aware that their E3 Lineup has to include Shenmue. If Shenmue is not mentioned during their press conference, Sega's efforts will be a total, absolute failure.


CDbiggen2919d ago

Or a new Jet Set Radio.

Relientk772920d ago

They better have some nice suprises besides those games on the list

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The story is too old to be commented.