Doom: Survival Horror Profile

Snarling demons, exploding barrels and rocket launchers can only mean one thing- id Software's Doom. The company's 14 year old shooting series continues to both terrify and thrill audiences eager for some fast paced monster blasting action, and to celebrate its success, here's a hellish look at the franchise that not only influenced today's developers to make "Doom clones", but also made tons of religious nuts extremely angry, thanks to all those demons and pentagrams.

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lynx1halo4107d ago

Doom is truly one of the few gaming experiences that always remains with you....simply a work of art ...and an innovator...way ahead of its time

MK_Red4107d ago

Agreed. I still have Doom1 and Doom2. Those games are mindblowingly awesome. Doom 2 is still my all time fave FPS, even with superb games like BioShock and Half Life around.