A Hardcore Victory: What Nintendo Needs To Succeed Against Microsoft And Sony

The Nintendo strategy this round – bring back the hardcore market they have slip-slid away in their last few generations. What was once a giant in gaming, has fallen to the back seat in the market while making amazing unit sales and profits in the field of hardware. What does Nintendo need to make strides against the likes of Sony and Microsoft in the coming console generation? Breaking down the details; A Hardcore Victory.

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trounbyfire2922d ago

LOL "Succeed Against Microsoft And Sony" for 3 more years and then new consoles plus its going yo flop, no mature games sex drugs violence


JoeIsMad2922d ago

Their direction right now is to bring back the audience by bringing back all the elements you've described. They want to return to a Gamecube direction, which then included Resident Evil and other mature rated titles in tandem with their signature Zelda, Mario, etc..

Shackdaddy8362922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

You ever stop to think that only two years after Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles it will be time for Nintendo to release a whole new one? What Nintendo is doing is actually pretty damn smart (of course, that's if they play their cards right with the wii2)

badkolo2922d ago

exactly, its genius, but only if sony or ms dont come out with a console soon after which will then make it a 3 way race with only 1 year apart and then its not a smart move afterall, but if they have a good 2 year lead then its pure genius.

zeal0us2922d ago

What Nintendo Needs To Succeed Against Microsoft And Sony...
What Nintendo need to do isn't succeeding against M$ or Sony but attract a wider audience and bring more developers making good games and not just crap they just hope will sell.

MasterCornholio2922d ago

Nintendo will suceed again since this time around they will be the first ones out the door with new hardware and i know theres a ton of people dying for 1080P 60FPS. But the real question is will those casuals who bought the wii buy a more expensive project cafe?

Neko_Mega2922d ago

It will do well if it doesn't have control setup like the Wii for games that don't use the motion control.

I hope they make alot of games that support motion controller and normal controller.

Other that that, I don't care about anything else.

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