Character wishlist for Super Smash Bros. Strife

No, fear not; you have not accidentally wandered into the list-littered minefield of Kotaku, fortunately for you. However, it is with a certain sense of disappointment and guilt that I present to you, my readers, a list of sorts. Inevitably, a new Smash Bros. game attracts a ridiculous amount of hype, speculation and sheer fanboy-founded fervour, and we couldn't help but get the train rolling.

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zeal0us2922d ago

Jack from MadWorld, probably won't get/less than likely to get up there, the game really didn't sell well. Not only that but the character isn't widely known, Most if not all SSB character is widely known/popular and are known to come from good/highly selling franchises/games. I could see the blob getting in before this guy. Out of the whole list Megaman more than likely to get in than anyone then comes Amaterasu and lastly Travis, sadly the other two not so much.

Shok2922d ago

Travis Touchdown.

Maybe a Metroid guess. (Rundus please)

ApexHell2921d ago

give all the characters from brawl there own move set instead of just making them stronger or faster clones of others, and bring back mewtwo!

Hide_and_Geek2921d ago

Star Fox, Falco and Wolf were disappointing in that respect, so I'd definitely agree with that.

jacksonmichael2921d ago

Good point. Didn't they say they were cutting down on clones for Brawl? Also, I really don't understand why they cut characters. I want Dr. Mario! Lol.

AEtherbane2921d ago

Jack's final smash...
Why the game would be rated M

I second the notion that make each of the "clone" characters moe unique.
Amaterasu would be the greatest thing ever. In fact, I've already designed the charachter

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