Does 3D Need to Impact Gameplay?

Read any article or review for a Nintendo 3DS game – they all ask the same question: how does 3D impact the gameplay of the title? This has been a point of discussion ever since the 3DS launched on March 27, 2011, and it hasn't been solved, mostly because nobody has asked this question: does 3D even need to impact gameplay?

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MultiConsoleGamer2924d ago

3D gaming is great when its done right.

Misterhbk2924d ago

3D should impact the game play when its in the name of your console. They shouldn't just be DS experiences with the 3D thrown in. The 3D should legitimately impact how you play the games.

Not sure how this can be done other than the timing jumps, and how far away something is (like a finish line in a race) but it should and I'm sure will at some point when Nintendo starts to work this into games as more are released.

AdvanceWarsSgt2924d ago

I don't believe it needs to in order for it to be useful.

If the "3D" effect offers a visual enhancement much like HD did over SD, then that more than justifies its use.