Neocrisis: Battlestar Galactica Online Blasts past Two Million Players in 3 Months

Neocrisis: Bigpoint today announced that Battlestar Galactica Online has passed two million registered players in its first three months of worldwide availability, attracting more than 20,000 new players to the space combat MMO every day.

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MultiConsoleGamer2923d ago

Wow! Who knew the franchise was still this popular? I think the game is better than the series.

evrfighter12923d ago

beets, bears, battlestar galactica

Kon2923d ago

Can someone tell me if the game is any good?

soundslike2922d ago

As far as free games playable from browsers, its outstanding

as with most free games, ymmv. Obviously its not going to impress the EVE crowd but it seems like its a good time waster if you're into BSG or space settings

Psychonaughty2922d ago

I wish someone would make a big budget mmo for it, I'm thinking wow big, never gonna happen I know :( It's just the show deserves only the best, so say we all frackers!