Images and trailer of Scene It?

At the E3 2007 event, Microsoft announced a peripheral similar to a rattle, bundled with Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action on the Xbox 360 and adapted from the popular board game. This interactive quiz will heat your neurons in November 2007.

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Excalibur4015d ago

LOL my Girlfriend is always complaining that all the games I play are nothing but death and destruction. Now her and I will have something to play together.

iMad4015d ago

Wonna pick this up for my parties :)

And thouse controllers could be usefull for many meny other games.

nirwanda4015d ago

also how many HD movie clips can you fit onto a dvd this game will get boring fast once someone has memorized each question and keeps winning.

ParaDise_LosT4015d ago

Maybe XBL updates?

well anyway....I think this game will suck :|
Seriously I don't see the point of this game.......

nirwanda4015d ago

how big the HD movie files are on live anyway I'm just biter after losing a drinking game with buzz 2 week ago after each round the loser has a shot of sambuka anyway after about 20 shots and a [email protected](carn't beleave it won't let me right this properly cause it offensive) in a pint glass containing roughly 6 more shots I projectile vomited over a girls feet that I was trying to impress

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The story is too old to be commented.