Eurogamer reviews Clive Barker's Jericho

One thing Jericho is absolutely rubbish at is giving you any kind of useful advice, and with no tutorial included, and no expectation of the kind of gameplay scenarios you're going to face, it's one of those games where you'll very much learn about as you go along. In a sense, this becomes part of its charm in retrospect, but while you're repeatedly being slaughtered and cursing the rather inconsiderate checkpointing, all you can think about is 'why am I so rubbish at this game?'. Admittedly, playing it on hard was partially the reason for so many deaths, but the way the Achievement points are distributed, Jericho doesn't give you much choice but to do so.

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predator4010d ago

its gettin a load of mixed reviews, 7/10 from eurogamer isnt that bad, i thought the demo on live was not that bad to be hounest

Sam Fisher4010d ago

this game is not that bad but i wouldve gave it 6/10 b/c of the fact not multiplayer and it looks like a MULTIPLAYER game then the demo tells u basically the whole story cmon they even tell u how the guy u start off dies and the other team is missing in action or i think dead.... thats allitle too much info 4 me

MK_Red4010d ago

2 of the gories games on the market are getting seriously mixed and varied reviews. Jericho: from 3/10 of EGM to 7/10s and one 8/10.
Conan: 4/10, 5/10, 6/10 and 7/10. Reviews are really helpful!

mirroredderorrim4010d ago

Reviews are crap. I loved the demo and I'll probably pick the game up within the first half of November.

Charlie26884010d ago

I still haven't been persuaded not to pick this one up specially at the tempting 40 bucks :D