Xbox 360 is vital for HD DVD survival

Microsoft's gain in the gaming space in bringing Xbox 360 to market early with a standard DVD drive has been Toshiba's loss in the high definition video market.

As ITWire go on they tell the importance of the Xbox 360 to HD DVD survival

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predator4010d ago

it depeneds really if this rumored new 360 comes with a built in hd-dvd drive at the same price as the ps3 or lower, any higher then theres no piont, also maybe advertising that the 360 has a hd-dvd add-on bettetr might help, here in the uk theres nothing telling people that you can buy the add-on for the 360. hd-dvd is not dead, just needs one hell of a boost

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4010d ago

Never mind the fact that the HD-DVD stand alone players are selling more. I forgot that the ENTIRE movie industry banked on gamers.....morons.

This war is just starting. You PS3 idiots think its over because more of you were FORCED to buy into Sony junk. Blu-Ray will not win. Regular consumers already prefer HD-DVD. Its only a matter of time.

If you disagree than you are a PS3 droid who likes to watch movies and not play games.

MaximusPrime4010d ago

if the rumour is true, still HDDVD yet to persuade more major movie studios.

Most of them are devoted to Bluray. Bluray is everyone's favourite HD format (exclude xbots) and i highly doubt most studio will be defecting to HDDVD.

AdolfBinBush4010d ago

"i highly doubt most studio will be defecting to HDDVD."

paramount did, what makes u think others wont follow?

xbox360 will eventually need built-in HD drive, i recommend blue-ray :D.

TheMART4010d ago

You mean the only reason BluRay is 'hot' is because the PS3 buyers are forced to take it.

Otherwise there would be not much sales for BluRay and it would be slaughtered by HD-DVD stand alone players

Bathyj4010d ago

How the hell would you know Mart? Even without PS3, BR still has most the studio support, right?

Toshiba aren't slaughtering on standalone sales right now even if they have an edge and we all know thats because BR buyers have a much better option than getting a standalone. A PS3. PS3 actually hurts standalone BR sales and thats why Toshiba loves to brag those figures up.

A couple hundred players plus a little over 10K Xbox add ons vs nearly 6 Million PS3's. Toshiba should do what you should do, give it up. God, you only care about HDDVD cos you're a Bot.

WilliamRLBaker4010d ago

actually right now bathy if you knew any thing, you'd know that in the realm of major studio support they are about even, and its in the small studios and independent that blu ray has to its advantage *but by only about 20 studios* and only because they follow the top dogs.

And actually no...Having ps3 as your only trump hurts blu ray sales, Ps3 accounts for 95% of all blu ray players in the hand of consumers right now, thats a bad thing when all these companies are creating blu ray players and yet no ones buying them and buying the ps3 tend to get companies that lose interest in making blu ray players...

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dale14010d ago

you just kill off your customer base there and then hd drives would be pointless unless you made games for it and doing so would make all previous 360s obsolute

JasonXE4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I don't think the HD DVD rumor for the xbox 360 is true. But regarding the article, wouldn't it be interesting if MS put a HD DVD drive in the next gen xbox? I would assume they would instead of another format because of cost. If HD DVD can survive till then, you can imagine a bargain deal MS would get or Toshiba would pay MS for this. In my eyes, It makes MS look really smart holding out implementing a HD DVD drive in the 360. Cost to add it on a next gen xbox would be minimal to MS and the consumer compared to what we would have to pay for this generation if they did.

andy0014010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

HD DVD is inferior technology. Seriously, both technologies are simply storage devices. Blu Ray has more capacity. I do not understand why anyone would want to choose the inferior format.

Its not as if it is innovative like the Wii, with the associated price difference, both formats are priced about the same, the players will be priced about the same, and the functionality will be about the same (it is only software after all)

Its a no brainer to me, and getting a PS3, I get to watch the HD movies without really investing too much in the war, as it will always be used for games. If the 360 came out with the HD DVD drive now, their PR team would have to spend a fortune putting out the subsequent bad press that would generate, forcing the customers who may have already bought a HDMI equipped 360 (MS said HDMI was not important), to buy another HD DVD equipped 360, at the same time proving Sony was right all along when they said that the PS3 was the start of the next generation.

Zhuk4010d ago

I am not a fan of these HD format wars, but I don't buy that HD-DVD is an inferior format for movies just because of storage.

In fact as far as I know it has quite a few advantages over Blu-Ray currently, such as current DVD production plants can be converted to produce HD DVD with minimal cost, HD DVD uses the h.264 standard compared to Blu-Ray which still largely relies on the older MPEG-2 format which means that HD DVD actually can store better quality video and audio while using less storage and HD DVD has mandatory support for Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD, both which are only optional requirements for Blu-Ray and at lower bandwiths.

Blu-Ray has made advances in closing these technical deficiencies, the problem is though many early adopters of Blu-Ray players are stuck with machines that do not support these newer formats because Sony was behind the ball on providing a unified standard on which players should be built on. HD DVD also uses HDi for interactive content and they come with ethernet ports standard which allows for online content download and firmware updates, while Blu-Ray is stuck using a hybrid system of BD Java and old style DVD scripting and does not have ethernet ports as standard.

Considering all the deficiencies of Blu-Ray currently, I am glad that the PS3 has the internet and the ability to upgrade its firmware, because I would hate to be one of the poor suckers who is stuck with a dud standalone Blu-Ray player right now

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