Call Of Duty: MW3 Trailer Opinions/Observations (ObnoxiousGamer)

This new Modern Warfare entry seems to provide much of what the series has become known for – A fast-paced thrill rise with a healthy dose of betrayl. The story continues on the path of the United States being invaded after some events, and get its biggest pushes in suprises from seeing soldiers fight on US soil in some of its biggest cities, landmarks being destroyed.

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Dart892923d ago

The only thing that has me intrigued about this trailer is the character shadow that starts at 56 sec if i'm not mistaken it looks like Ghost.

tudors2922d ago

What got me is how it so blatantly indicates a relationship with WW3, and based on what we see in the world today it's like it is trying to send some kind of message....whooo conspiracy.