SFHD First (Work-In-Progress) Screenshots

Brian Dunn writes on the Capcom blog, that he got some early screenshots of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix from producer Rey Jimenez:

I'm pretty excited about today's SFHD update. Rey has given me some early work-in-progress screenshots of the game. By "work-in-progress," I mean these screenshots do NOT reflect how the final game will look exactly, but they should give you a pretty good idea. So please keep that in mind when you are viewing them. In his written update, Rey talks about the look of the characters, UI, and also clarifies the issue of which version of the game SFHD is being based on.

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predator4015d ago

should fill in the gap till street fighter 4 hits us.

Genki4015d ago

I can't wait to give this a shot. I don't have a 1080p, but I certainly wouldn't mind playing this on my 42" plasma. :D

mighty_douche4015d ago

and by that i mean actual 1080p, not 'upscaled'.

crazy250004015d ago

dude get over it, either way it will look totally badass

mighty_douche4015d ago

i was just intersted mate, relax. Also i didnt spend £2000 on a top of the rande 1080p TV to play 720p.

Genki4015d ago

I was looking at the comments in the blog, and one of the first posts or responses said that they won't ONLY support 1080p, that lower resolutions will be supported. That says to me that 1080p is possibly their main focus, if not it's in tandem with others.

mighty_douche4015d ago

ive been hoping for 1080 support, and lets be honest, this is just SF2 with updated graphics, if these 'next gen' consoles could handle that at 1080 i think we'd have a problem.

Zhuk4015d ago

The game looks great, it has an amazingly clean 2d look and you can't even really notice the sprites. As long as it's as fast as the Saturn Capcom Fighters with 4mb cart, this will be the best release by Capcom in 10 years

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