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To fighter demons in the city of angels!

Final Comment

LA Noire was born under a lucky and the work of Team Bondi has been revealed by applause in the reconstruction of a Los Angeles of the '40s in a concert and visual and sound beautiful. Unfortunately, the gameplay is a victim of too much exasperated as management questions for the characters during the investigation, abandoning any interaction outside of them and distorting the concept of free-roaming. Just as the lack of dubbing in Italian is creating major problems in following the full dialogue between characters at any time. There is no doubt that throughout the 20 hours of gameplay do you switch to something else, but the repetitiveness begins to bear fruit by passing the excitement of novelty after the first cases resolved. The story is told in a superficial way by not allowing to get to know the protagonist be making no charisma and personality, but only emphasizing each case as if it were a stand-alone as a single episode of a television series. Fortunately, the final bars rise above the level of attention and give a broad and sharp engagement, paying back the efforts. A title is certainly interesting but does not affect other crops such as Rockstar Games and therefore can not possibly aspire to play this year.

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