Sony Press Event To Span 5 Hours, Biggest Ever

This year, Sony will be doing something different, due to the huge number of games that are sure to be covered, and a major focus on the NGP, their E3 conference will last a record breaking five hours. Oh, and there'll be a special event afterwards.

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TOO PAWNED2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

WOW are you serious?! How do you know this? Does it say on invitation card? 5 hours?! I still have hard time to believe that it will last THAT long.

Dart892922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

My words exactly looks like Sony is gonna make everyone forget about what happen last month.

@Dr.stab wounds I think more than the girlfriends i've had:D.

@Clizz if Sony would announce a Legend of Dragoon 2 that right there would be enough for me at E3.

tehpees32922d ago

5 hours? Sony must have something big planned for it to span that long

darthv722922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

More like a lengthy explanation of what went wrong. Hey, they are being asked by federal govt.
Why not do it where everybody will listen?

edit: don't kid yourselves guys. if given the opportunity to hear the whole story you know you would.

Anarki2922d ago

Well they got to cover the NGP and the PS3 and potentially the PS.Play? still, good news none the less ;)

ksense2922d ago

the conference will only be 2 hours but then there will be a 3 hour event where they will show all the games in detail and have hands on time with NGP for the journalists.

Focker4202922d ago


Its not gonna take 5 hours to explain what happened during the breach. That would only take like 15 min. max. They aren't gonna waste time at E3 just to give an in-depth analysis of how the breach happened. And even if they did, it wouldn't take very long.

RankFTW2922d ago

I heard they will have the marine that shot Osama walk out on stage this year.

BattleAxe2922d ago

I want to hear more about Playstation Suite for Android, PSP ports to PS3 and maybe an anouncement for the Metal Gear Solid Collection or Syphon Filter for PS3 wouldn't hurt either.

captain-obvious2922d ago

5 frekin hours ??
WTF they got to show ?

ainsz2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

@Tephees3: Well let's see, they've got...

Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
Santa Monica Project IP
God Of War 4??
Quantic Dream Project??
MASSIVE NGP COVERAGE!!11!!!!1!!111!1
NGP GAMES (Uncharted, Killzone etc.)
Eight Days!?
The Getaway 3!?
Guerilla Project??
Twisted Metal
Third Party Announcements
PSN info
That PS3 RPG (sorry I forget the name)
Kevin Butler
Sony Liverpool, Cambridge (I think) & Soho project (WipEout!!)
and stuff that I couldn't think of..!

So yeah, I think they could squeeze that in 5 hours!

-Alpha2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Hard not to get your hopes up, but I'm trying not to get overexcited as the hype always gets over-exaggerated. I'd love nothing but a constant onslaught of premiers, trailers, and gameplay, but Of course, it's not going to be just games they will be talking about.

Hopefully they dont go on for an hour or two about PSN security and sales, but they likely will dedicate a good amount of time to that too

karl2922d ago

it usually isnt just games...

SONY can easily win e3 every year

but they choose to show only a few already seen games..

very few first looks.. and then they start announcing games the months coming after e3...

i would say they dont care that much about e3 =S...

HolyOrangeCows2922d ago

New handheld, new security to detail, lots of games to announce.....I'd figure "long".....but wow, 5 hours?

sikbeta2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

WOAH! FIVE FREAKING HOURS! OMG!!! this just... can't wait!!!


"their E3 event will last a record breaking five hours. First up is the conference, and then there’ll be a special event afterwards"

Awesome, hope I can watch the whole thing, including the events...

Dee_912922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Polyphony Digital will be announcing something too

it might be for ngp

Lifendz2922d ago

Wow. 5 bleeping hours? Holy crap.

RedDevils2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I hope is not another one of those 3hr of talk about how the market growth or how the graph changes throughout the years, I heard it enough already lol

darthawesome902921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

5 HOURS!!!

Hopefully it's mostly games and not statistics or PS Home/PS2 sales.

Makes me wonder if their is going to be announcing the PS4 to compete with Nintendo's Project Cafe and beat Microsoft to the next gen market.

5 hours is just way too long to be just the PS3, NGP and PSN (PSP is almost dead anyway).

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Sev2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

It's true. It says it right on the invitation. See:


There, that's better :)

Raendom2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Edit: Better! Thanks

Don't use n4gs image attatchment in future, it's downscale far too much.

TOO PAWNED2922d ago

Unfortunately image is small, but I believe you. Still it sounds to surreal, maybe it is some misunderstanding. Asking from journalist to sit for 5 hr, how many will accept that?

-EvoAnubis-2922d ago

Those seats better be damned comfortable. An intermission would also be nice, otherwise it's gonna stink in there....

Past that, if they feel they need this much time, they must have a LOT to go over. Will be interesting to see what they bring to the table!

zslash2922d ago

Well, the presser itself is NOT 5 hours. There is the press conference, then an event afterwards.

chadwarden2922d ago

I bet that conference also has a complimentary dinner.

SuperM2922d ago

I think there was a discussion like this last year actually. Turned out the conference was the normal 2 hours. Maybe a little shorter even.

Focker4202922d ago


Undoubtedly they would have 1 or two 10-15 min. intermissions during the conference.

-Alpha2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Are you SURE that's not some kind of typo? Because 5 hours is unheard of

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BubbleSniper2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

this is crazy. Possible Sony- GIGATON incoming.

T3mpr1x2922d ago

Gigaton. I like it! +Bubbles for a term I think I'm going to use for huge news from now on. :)

malamdra2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

good thing I ask for that monday off at work

EDIT: it does say on the article that there's the regular keynote and special event afterwards

my best guess is that the special event will be for journalists there to have hands on time with the NGP, they will probably make all the announcements on the regular conference

EDIT2: mark my words: at the end of the conference Kojima will take the stage for the second time (after the NGP stuff) and show Metal Gear Solid 5

dragon822922d ago

It does seem like it's about time for MGS5 to show up. :)

SuperM2922d ago

I really dont believe this. Unless a spokesman from Sony states that the event is actually going to last for 5 hours then i wont believe it.

I think there have been rumours previous years that the sony conference was supposed to be superlong but they always turned out having a normal 1.5-2 hour conference.

The only way i can see them doing something like this is if they are announcing PS4 at the conference aswell. That would give them so much to talk about that they would need an extra hour or two, but even then id say 5 hours is a stretch. The journalists watching are going to get really exhausted watching a conference that long. I really dont think that would even work.

zslash2922d ago

I have an invite, the entire event IS 5 hours. But it's split between the presser and another event.

showtimefolks2922d ago

well i guess we will know everything we need to know about playstation brand:

but sony do have a lot to talk about:

ngp pricing
launch window
launch lineup
3rd party interviews and their support video
10 minutes talk on ps2
ps3's success in 2011
psn issues
kevin butler
a the lineup for rest of 2011

but their major focus will be 2012-2013

can't wait i usually take the day off on sony's conference so this should be fun

i hope they talk about ngp first give it due time to that than move on to ps2 and rest of the time completely on ps3

saladthieves2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I'm having a hard time believing this! 5 hours is pretty long! I say Max 2 hours 30 minutes, and possibly close or equal to 3 hours.

On one hand, a longer press conference means that Sony is packing in LOTS of stuff to show and talk about. I can hardly wait!

sinncross2922d ago

Oh my flipping word... I need to be awake at 2 in the mornign to watch the conference and its in the middle of my exams!!!


Crazyglues2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The only way it's going to be 5 hours is if they plan on showing the PS4...

Because otherwise there is just no way in hell..


Undeadwolfy2922d ago

Not with the exclusives lined up for this year and next. Also, Sony tend to have 10 year life cycles for consoles.

duplissi2922d ago


the ps2 is selling alongside the ps3.. and has exceeded 10 years. they didnt wait for the ps2 to reach 10 years before releasing the ps3 nor did they wait for the ps1 to reach 10 years before releasing the ps2.

the ps4 IS coming, and soon.

marinelife92922d ago

There aren't a lot of things I would watch for five hours. However I will watch all of this. (I'll take potty breaks when they're talking sales figures)

RedDead2922d ago starts at 3.00am for me...

darthawesome902921d ago

Good news is that you will be wide awake for least for the first half

firelogic2922d ago

Reading comprehension please. The press conference AND event totals 5hrs. That means, the usual 2hrs presser and then an event where press gets to demo games and get more info, eat, drink, etc...for another 3hrs. There's absolutely not enough content to fit into 5hrs on stage.

ash_divine2922d ago

This, and even if they did have enough, why would they want to do 5 hour presser? No matter what they show, people will have lost interest by the end. Besides, they'd be better off spreading that content out rather then announcing it all at once.

Livin_in_a_box2922d ago

ffs, I'll be in bed the WHOLE time. ._.

JoelT2922d ago

It's a 2 hour conference. The event is taking place in a football stadium, it's probably a concert just like activation had last year. These companies just like to one up each other. Good thing i got my invite!

lil Titan2922d ago


hiredhelp2922d ago

Anyone know who will be streaming this live on a website.
Cos for that long. Ill need bucket popcorn some drink in.

Undeadwolfy2922d ago

Official E3 site, IGN, Gamespot. Those are the main ones.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2922d ago

I downloaded it from PSN last year.

hiredhelp2922d ago

I know i watched it on ign last year , but i didnt know theres a official E3 website .
Cool chaps thx .

JLeVRT2922d ago

I cant wait to watch E3

the_best_player2921d ago

Sony has alot to show M$ show will be 30mins lol

xAlmostPro2921d ago

Sony are going to go crazy at e3..

I reckon they'll start or atleast cover PSN maybe "it was a hue disapoint as to what happend but it's back now, it's secure and here's a bunch of awesome new features"

then even more exclusives.. so games still to be released NGP, psp hd remakes, smart AR, the playstation suite app.. tonnes of stuff :D 5hours is awesome!

i wish i could go :(

Kewl_Kat2921d ago

They have to talk about their lineup of multiplatform and 1st party games, ps move, ngp, psp remastered games, and the psn situation, so 5 hours shouldn't be surprising. What should surprise everyone is if Sony can do all of this in under 1 to 2 hours lol

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pedrami912922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )


Just hope 3 hours isn't spent apologizing about the PSN outage.

lil Titan2922d ago

i hope atleast two hours is spent torturing the hackers that did the PSN outage

MoveTheGlow2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I agree, but the crackers (not hackers) cracked Sony's servers. Sony "did" the outage - rightfully so, but they did it. I want to see the same thing happen to the criminals, but let's call it like it is. Those guys don't deserve the "hacker" moniker.

Tripl3seis2922d ago

holy shit are u kidding me? 5 hours omg excitement through the ruff i cant wait to see wat they have if this is true theres a very good chance that agent will be shown yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

user94220772922d ago

Sony wins E3 weeks before it starts?


metsgaming2922d ago

yea but nintendo has a new console so that always is a huge thing so alot of coverage will go there rightfully so. But in terms of software and already announced hardware sony has it locked.

Columbo2922d ago

I hope they have a 20 minute intermission to let people go to the bathroom!

BubbleSniper2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

This is Sony we're talking about. I am expecting toilets built into the seats complete with anus rinse mechanism.

Raendom2922d ago

I hope not. The press don't deserve anything. I'd turn up the heating, forbid people to stand up, and make the seating as hard as possible. XD

GiggMan2922d ago

I stream E3 from my desk at work every year. Please Sony at least break for lunch!

silkrevolver2922d ago

... holy F*^k you have a lot of bubbles. And I think I understand why. haha

a08andan2922d ago

He is a mod and they can "cheat" the bubble-count :D All those bubbles look sexy :)