PlayStation loyalty remains in face of PSN outage - Study

GameSpot: Though the PlayStation Store remains down, the dust is starting to settle on the Great PlayStation Network Outage of 2011. With online play and other functions restored, analysts are beginning to sift through the aftermath of the April 16-19 data breach and subsequent three-week service suspension that affected some 77 million PSN users.

Despite the PSN outage and data breach, most PS3 owners are standing by their consoles

GameSpot's industry-research division, GameSpot Trax, recently conducted a survey of 2,285 GameSpot users who own PlayStation 3s about the PSN outage. The majority of those surveyed, 67 percent, responded that they are "very likely" to resume using the PSN following the data breach and downtime. Those who are "somewhat likely" to use their PS3s online again totaled 14 percent

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Dart892918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

In all honesty you would have to be pretty dumb to leave Sony especially with all these great games coming out and we still have E3 and the NGP to look forward to.

@Jriquelme Sony already stated no ones info was stolen.

afterMoth2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Why would I leave Sony and the PSN? PSN is the best service there is and it is free. Sucks it went it down for so long but thigns happen.. The other guys from Redmond service has gone down before as well. PS3 is home to the best games as well and frankly that is the most important aspect for me choosing a system.

Reibooi2918d ago

On top of that the fact that this isn't really Sony's fault. I mean it's not like they purposely got hacked or turned the servers off. They were hacked and it could have been anyone.

Stopping support of a company that has the best games line up this year(and last year and probably years to come) because of something beyond their control is retarded.

DA_SHREDDER2918d ago

I didn't leave Sony, I'm just bangin sister who happens to put out whenever i ask her. The xbox live is a great place to hang out when the psn is down. Just played Red Faction Armageddon demo and its pretty dope. Can't even change the password on my ps3 right now. If you love online gaming, its best to have both machines just in case one online service is down.

kanetheking2918d ago

you are bangin your sister there somethings you should keep to ur self i don't want to hear about your fucked up self.

Therealspy032918d ago

The church of sony.

it's funny how everyone seems to be giving up their ability to be logical and rational in favor of feeling like the belong to a group. if it's not religion, it's a political affiliation, if not politics, video games (sony or ms), which celeb on dancing with the stars, etc...

pretty sad.

i recently bought la noire for my ps3 (i'll still buy games on the system i think can play it best), but i won't be giving sony any personal information anymore. i'll use their system, but they are lucky psn is free, or i'd be done with it. sony clearly wasn't too concerned with security, they put all our personal information at risk, and now there are people that are blindly supporting them. it's just another form of religion.

Dart892918d ago

*they put all our personal information at risk,.

Yea like hackers can't get that from Facebook or any other social website *Face palm*.

Nes_Daze2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Personal information at risk? Big whoop, time to move on, I'm not 100% loyal to Sony, but they recognized their mistake, apologized, and are helping to pump out many amazing games on the Ps3. So now if I don't stop using their products I'm not logical or thinking straight? The xbox360 has one of the most faulty products I've seen, but if I had the extra money, best believe I would buy one.
Bottom Line: I won't stop buying great products and services because of one hacker.

Therealspy032918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

and if hackers get personal information from those other places, i'm sure those companies wouldn't receive 1/10th the unwarranted praise and understanding that sony receives.

you see, this is the blind support, religion-type following i'm talking about.

we aren't talking about sony vs ms or another company. we're talking about sony's own admission that they could have done a LOT better to prevent this. they simply weren't that concerned with security.

i don't understand why you'd be loyal to a company EVER...but staying loyal to MS after RRoD or loyal to sony after this (one of many) fiasco is just nuts. these companies only care to maximize profits, which means cutting corners where they can, in this hackers exploited it. sure, they are dicks. but that doesn't excuse all. it's not like hackers didn't exist before this year. we've known about them for a few decades now. we count on these companies to keep our information safe. stop making excuses for them.

jriquelme_paraguay2918d ago

i dont express my self fine...

PSN Outage? What? When?



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jrisner2918d ago

It's gamespot...enough said. They are worse than kotaku and IGN for hating sony so there you go.

phoenixdown2918d ago

the games
the features
the hardware

why would i go anywhere else? i already have a xbox 360 and wii, but i buy all my games for my ps3 because i like PlayStation more.

EpsilonTeam2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Well this is how it works for me. The more "they" attack Sony (Microsoft, media, hackers etc.) the more hardcore fanboy i become.
At some point this hole mess will backfire to some.Mark my words.

Tortilla2918d ago

"67 percent, responded that they are "very likely" to resume using the PSN following the data breach and downtime."

The majority of gamers don't have much of an alternative unless they've loads of cash and can buy another system! If you love games, you want to play games... of course they want to get back online and play

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