Sony Forgiven By Church Of England; But for what exactly?

Spong reports:
"Having slammed the BAFTA nomination of Resistance: Fall Of Man, the Dean of Manchester Cathedral, the Very Reverend Rogers Govender, has come over with the kind of forgiveness that we'd expect from the leader of an organisation that is based on... forgiveness.

Following Resistance's failure to win a BAFTA last night, the Right Rev told the BBC that because "some important lessons have been learnt... we do forgive Sony for what they have done, even though they still believe they have done nothing wrong."

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Dark_Overlord4013d ago

Because when you threatened Sony they wouldn't give you money, now your trying to be nice in the hope that they will eventually pay you. The church are the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet

kingboy4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

May the Lord have mercy on you`re soul my child

Baba19064013d ago

its not like sony entered the church and planted some alien eggs, which after some time wer assaulted bei a soldier team. its fiction damn it!!!! get over it...... when they start discriminating woman and homosexuals or vorbid the use of condoms, they arent asked for money are they, thats not fiction ?!!!!!!

hope the church is katholic haha or else my post sucks =D

Sam Fisher4013d ago

sony isnt the 1 that they need to lecture it shouldve been the guys that made drake of the 99 dragons....wait they should thank them b/c of this game i go to church joking im joking

makaveli7894013d ago

I can't believe that they are still barking up Sony's tree for a game they didn't develop! It's like trying to sue Microsoft because the pc version of Doom 3 was too violent...

Kleptic4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

what? was a SCE published game...Sony oversaw a lot of that game...while its true that Insomniac is technically independent, which makes the budgeting and marketing for the game slightly different...SCE is responsible for dealing with offended parties such as this...

during the entire mess several months ago...SCE advised Insomniac to not comment on it innitially...and SCE took care of the apology process (despite the entire thing being completely unjustified and marginally retarded)...

basically what you said is completely wrong...this is nothing like Doom 3 being on a PC...MS handles very little with PC development, other than royalties for using their label and OS...This is a case sort of similar to some churches having issues with Halo 3 (and its alternative belief structure...and underlying anti-regilous message...which is all debatable)...while Bungie as of Halo 3's release was by no means independent...MS published the game...and SCE published Resistance...SCE is the company that got the game on store shelves...

in either case the entire Manchester thing was so stupid...Sony has nothing to apologize for, because it was only offending the people running the Cathedral...pretty much no one the game the Cathedral is set up as an emergency hospital, a place to help people during the fake war...what is the church so upset about?...because you fight some spider like things in there?...and then two huge dogs/wolves or w/e...its was a shady publicity stunt with the intent of getting money...unlike MS, SCE apologized but wouldn't cough up money...which was exactly how it should have been handled...

makaveli7894013d ago

Oh right... sorry, I wasn't aware that SCE published the game; I was under the impression that it was wholely Insomniac's release.

My example seems a bit extreme now, but you get my point hehe

Kleptic4013d ago

oh its cool...I guess I thought everyone knew that it was a Sony published game...

Insomniac hasn't published anything on their own yet to my knowledge...

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