IGN: NHL 12 Preview

IGN: "There are some expected changes to be had, like an all-new soundtrack, and unexpected changes, like new in-game graphics more in-line with how Versus and TSN present their games.

There's even a visual action tracker (ala NHL GameCenter) that records statistics apart from the meat and potatoes of a score sheet, such as not only how many shots were taken by a given team but where on net those shots were aimed.

Another interesting facet of the tangled mess around the crease that added to NHL 12's refined approach is how standard players and goaltenders react to one another. It's possible to get wrapped up with a goaltender while out in front of the net."

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NJShadow2918d ago

I absolutely cannot wait!

TronEOL2918d ago

Agreed! September can't come soon enough! Not to mention Henrik Sedin will be on the cover. ;)

OtherWhiteMeat2918d ago

Go Bruins !!!! Nothing beats the NHL playoffs.On one purchase for me.

Horny2918d ago

Im a Lightnings fan but congrats to the win last night. We started out good but dropped it at the end.

OtherWhiteMeat2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I have to admit that I'm a little jealous at some of the young players on Tampa bay.The Lightning have a very strong foundation and should be a threat for years to come.

Berserker__11242918d ago

Badass! I can't to play as my Yotes!