Xbox 360 remains top selling console in US; PS3 dropping further

VGChartz has just uploaded the new chart for the week ending October 20. Some big surprises this week as the Xbox 360 remains to outsell the Nintendo Wii, despite a 10% drop for the Xbox 360. Playstation 3 sales on the other hand dropped another 12% this week to around 23,000, compared to 117,000 for the Nintendo Wii and 126,000 for the Xbox 360.

On the software side, Halo 3 has reclaimed the number #1 spot on the list with another 200,000 copies this week, which brings its total to almost 4,000,000. Orange Box came in second with another 80,000 copies this week. Beautiful Katamari came in at #8 this week with over 35,000 copies. Also worth noting: Skate on the Xbox 360 outsold Tony Hawk's Proving Ground in its 6 week on the chart. Check out all this weeks numbers after the jump.

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Tommie4016d ago

Xbox 360 oustold PS3 5.5-to-1.

Enough said.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4016d ago

Wonder if this includes the price drop for the 80gb? It should but it doesn't make sense that sales DROPPED after the 80gb price drop.

The 40gb (coming out in Nov) better boost ps3 sales or else Sony is in a very difficult position.

Watkins4016d ago

Americans are crazy

Enough said.

sonarus4016d ago

sales always go dwn jst b4 a price drop.

andy0014016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Correction. The 360 sales dropped 11% whilst the PS3 sales dropped 12%, so it is probably a natural drop just because of the time of the month.

The real movers are the Wii and the DS. The Wii increased sales by 20% and the DS by 65%. Nintendo are taking the piss out of Microsof and Sony.

Halo 3 has sold just over half of the Halo 2 sales, at least in the states.

What this tells me is that the US is still very much a FPS market, and the 360 fits that demographic very well. Sony may start to pull in gamers who enjoy the platform and third person action games very soon, as the 360 is lacking in this regard.

Project Gotham 4? Bombed. Probably released at the wrong time due to Halo 3.

mesh14016d ago

no 1 i know in the uk that a game freak like me has a ps3 but my older brother m8 shave ps3 and us eit forblueray and tons of other stuff th eps3 can do not involved in gaming this is why ill eventually buy a ps3 when some good games come out but in the uk atm 360 IS KILLING ps3 wee game sell the most in the world are top is usa then japan then uk so 360 is wining the console war sorry ps3 fans.

andy0014016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

@Mesh1, does your mother know you are using her computer to talk to strangers on the internet?

Aren't you supposed to spend the half term break by doing homework. I'm sure you have plenty of punctuation and grammar exercises to do.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4016d ago

Yeah dude, you should edit that sh!t (eg, m8, spacing is all f*cked up). It almost reads like a foreign language.

nasim4016d ago

so most people refrained from purchasing a PS3

nix4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

sorry double post

nix4016d ago

forget punctuation and grammar, he needs to learn ABC first. q:

ruibing4016d ago

I'll wait for the NPD numbers for this month instead.

LoydX-mas4016d ago

Why? VG Chartz and NPD were virtually identicle last month.

bluebrad19744016d ago

It looks like sony might be laying off some of the sony gestapo on N4G. Their attempts to control the gaming media is having a negative effect here in the States.

FF7numba14016d ago

Americans aren't crazy just like spend money on junk.

Chris_GTR14016d ago

well they buy the consoles with GAMES. ps3 has no games so noone cares about it.

skarn4016d ago

Lol so true, if buying the console that costs less and has decent games makes you crazy, Americans are all raving lunatics.

AngryTypingGuy4016d ago

Don't confuse craziness with good taste. The Japanese like some weird-ass games. Sorry that I don't want a bunch of bubbly, happy Jap-animated characters all over my screen, or heroes that look like they should be gracing the cover of fashion magazines. I want tough, muscular heroes that don't make me feel like a six year old when I play the game. I want shooters, and plenty of them. I want American RPG's, survival-horror, and shooter/RPG's.

Don't get me wrong, the Japanese make some incredible games, but a lot of them are just plain weird. What I'm getting at is that gamers have distinctly different tastes. It's funny how most that like Jap games are in Sony's camp while those that like western games are in Microsoft's.

lawman11084016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

........."The horror,the horror".............ahaha hahhah ahahahahahahha

Wii60_FTW4016d ago

asian worshippers jack it to tranny FF characters lol. so true. give me gears of war any day.

sanderFVCKINcohen4016d ago

If we treated games like our movies & music will make the best games EVER!!!

If you havent noticed all american studios suppported by sony makes the best action/adventure games ever. Because Sony is serious with gameing cuz they are from Japan.

Also, I cant believe most of you ps3 fanboys are still stateing the RROD. Falcon version is out now...old news.

gogators4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

and great games starting to come out; they need to advertise better in the States. Get rid of the Ad group that has your system being soo powerful that it has telekenisis powers and all your games are of another dimension. Get your commercials back down to earth and start giving better information about your systems strengths. Your store Kiosks need a better presentation, too. Do a better job of convincing Americans that your systems is the right one for them.

Then, with your price drop and great game line-up, people will start buying the PS3.

ALMIGHTYPS34016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Idiots like you will continue to look at the small picture while intelligent people will continue to see the big picture.

get your arcade pack heerrre-lmfao

ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrno4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

FF7numba1, you sure they aren't crazy? After all, they elected Bush twice! lol..

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Kees4016d ago

OMG, me does not care about sales...

brothersimon4016d ago

people do.

360 ftw. you, ftl.

shmee4016d ago

PS3 will FTW too.

ps3 sales are down because people are now waiting for the 40 gig .

Plus the price cut went into effect on the 20th effectively except Amazon (a bit earlier on the 18th/19th).

watch out for sales data next week. PS3 sales is supposed to boom . However if that doesnt happen then it means that people are waiting for the 40 gig

Congrats to wii and x360 for good sales

jiggyjay4016d ago

You know whats amazing is that the 360 has been on the market for 2 years now and has only one price cut! If you can even call that a price cut $20-$50... While the PS3 has had 4 different SKU and 2 different types of price cuts! Amazing the power of the 360! Sony is getting desperate to get Blu Ray out there!

sanderFVCKINcohen4016d ago

what would have happend if Sony spent more time and money on there PS3 than the bluray, would they have had tons of games by now?

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Zhuk4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

All the AAA holiday titles has got people excited for the Xbox 360 worldwide, what will be most interesting is to see how the new PS3 model will fare when it is introduced, word on the street is that it is not selling favourably compared to the 60gb model

AliC4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )


AllroundGamer4016d ago

:D i agree with the cat too :) and Zhuk is an ultra xbox fanboy...

DeadIIIRed4016d ago

I'm curious, what "AAA" games are coming for the box this Christmas season? I'm not being a smartass (well sorta), but I really don't know.

Thank god you changed your avatar Zhuk. That guy with the glasses made me want to punch something every time I looked at him. This one is much better.

WafflesID4016d ago

Thats a bad comparison. Of course the 40gig isn't selling favorably compared to the 60gig. It was just barely announced. Hell none of the stores local to me have even had it in stock yet.

As for the AAA titles, it doesn't matter WHEN they came out (past tense) to people who are just buying the console. Just the fact that they ARE out. And to someone who doens't have either a PS3 or a 360, the number of AAA titles for the 360 look better.

People who already own one or the other are going to have a REAL difficult time trying to justify getting the other system. Most all of the games out there are multi platform. There aren't THAT many exclusive titles out there.

That said it might be a BIT easier for someone with a PS3 to justify getting a 360 for a 2nd console. 360 having been out longer naturally has more exclusive titles.

But hey, those who can afford all 3 systems are in for some INCREDIBLE games all around this generation. So why the hate? :)

wageslave4016d ago

Surefire Hits: Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey.

Big Exclusives:
Viva Pinata: Party Animals
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Scene It?
America's Army: True Soldiers

and, see here for yourself:

lawman11084016d ago

Word is that $100 bucks off when GTA4 comes out

Zhuk4016d ago

makes me laugh all these fandroids calling me a fanboy when they're all so delusional. It will be interesting to see if the 40gb helps improve overall PS3 sales or will we just see a temporary rise in sales, either way 2007 has been a poor year for Sony and the Playstation brand has lost significant marketshare to Nintendo and Microsoft. It seems though that the 60gb is actually selling better so I wonder if this will do anything to increase Sony's sales if it doesn't it means that the PS3 is this gens Gamecube, a title that it justly deserves.

The Xbox 360s holiday lineup is incredibly strong and it has the best lineup going into the holidays, from August onwards every month we have seen hit after hit after hit released while Sony has released flop after flop after flop. I can only name one game I will buy for PS3 these holidays and that is Ratchet and Clank because everything else on PS3 has turned out to be either garbage or games that pale in comparison to the brilliance of Xbox 360 titles that have been released since August.

Only Xbox 360 offers gamers the greatest holiday lineup in history, with the best exclusives and the best multiplatform experiences in terms of graphics and online experience.

Sony is going to be dead last these holidays and there is nothing they can do to stop it, the best thing they can do is put a bandaid on the giant holes in the PS3 ship, which is sinking fast.

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P4KY B4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

#46 (XB) Halo 2....10,129.....154 weeks in chart

S1D3 EFFEC74016d ago

Some fanboys are so stupid. He says Halo 2 is at number 46 on the list and you disagree. WHY? Is it number 47 in your dumb world? Its statistics , you cant disagree with statistics.

WafflesID4016d ago

Gotta love teh intarwebs. Everyone is given a voice...even the idiots.

You could post something like "THE NUMBER ONE IS LESS THAN THE NUMBER TWO" and you would still get morons on this site disagreeing with you.

BIGBAER4016d ago

A 2-week old PS3 game selling virtually the same (weekly) numbers as an original Xbox game that has been charted for 154 weeks!

Yes, the Xbox game IS Halo 2 but for the much anticpated PS3 game Folklore to only sell a few hundred more copies than an Xbox 1 game that was released years ago (YEARS AGO!!!) demonstrates perfectly WHY the PS3 is failing.


macsto4016d ago

But I thought the PS3 outsold the 360 2-1? Or is that only in Europe?

predator4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

that was europe for last week, no news on this week yet.

edit: how did i get disagrees with that comment

macsto4016d ago

No idea, wasnt me.

N4G is a strange place...

Shadow Flare4016d ago

I think there's a troll around here disagreeing to everything

And if you disagree with this comment then your mother is a hairless imp that lives in a cave, and she throws eggs at you and yells 'I'm a chinese bear that works in a wig-hut' aaaand she has the vision of an elephant and the looks to match. And she's so fat that when she falls over, people can't tell