10 Most Amazing Draw Distances In Video Games [PICS]

GB - "It happens all too often. You have an expansive and rich open world game but, if you look to far into the distance, the landscape deteriorates into a mess of colour and blurred textures. In favour of the games that avoid this pit trap, here’s a run down of ten games in recent memory with an impressive draw distance."

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jaidek4751d ago

RDR still has some of the most beautiful and detailed vistas. Now, GTA4 looks great, but there are some really bad pop-ins at times on the buildings.

The Matrix4751d ago

Far Cry 2 was a graphical masterpiece. If it's storyline structure and a few other small things had been fixed it could have been among the greatest games ever.

I_find_it_funny4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

i only saw Oblivion, im not gonna click 10 times, sorry

RedDead4751d ago

I really hate sites that extend the amount of clicks they get this way, your on my list GB

This is the list for anyone who wished to not waste their time on the site
Fallout 3
Kameo: Elements of power
Far cry 2
Uncharted 2(?)
The witcher 2
Just cause 2

soundslike4751d ago

@matrix I agree

It only needed a bit more time in development...it was so damn close. I still had fun finding all the diamonds, and playing god in the editor.

Wenis4751d ago

JC2 is definitely one of the most underrated games not just in gameplay but also in graphics. The colors in that game were so pretty and it was just nice to see something other than brown and gray.

darthv724751d ago

I always thought the scale of god of war two was impressive. When you are running up on the steads of time, the size and relation to distance and scale was very impressive.

blumatt4751d ago

Just Cause 2 was an awesome game. I had tons of fun with it and the draw distance was pretty damn good! I've got a few videos I uploaded from my PS3 through the game using the Youtube upload feature.

execution174751d ago

FC2 was awesome, but i couldnt say the same about the MP tho, it was alright it just couldn't keep my attention

evrfighter14751d ago

RDR would be among the top but unfortunately they are full of jaggies and thus lose a lot of their appeal.

RDR has some scenery that would have shined on pc.

Scrotie_McBoogerball4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

It's a good list but it is far to centered on console games.

I didn't see the original Operation Flashpoint (or any new Op Flash) or ARMA 1/2. Also the STALKER games have some pretty impressive draw when turned up to high. Even Assasians Creed 1/2/3. One for the beauty books for off in the distance is Black and White 2 (pic 1). ICO and Shadow Of Colossus on PS2 where amazing for draw distance at the time.

I honestly think that games like Just Cause (fun as they are)shouldn't be in the list, the depth of field is so blurry that in reality you can see no more than a few hundred meters clearly. GTA IV on PC was atrocious as well it takes a mammoth PC to get a good draw at 60fps.

Heck even Minecraft has a pretty decent draw distance lol and that can run on a Gameboy color. /s

SkylineR4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Why isn't Superman 64 on that list? Has the BEST draw distance... ;)

ReservoirDog3164750d ago

Haha, I may sound crazy but Jak and Daxter 1 had a pretty impressive draw distance even by today's standards. You could actually see the later stages if you looked into the distance.

I don't know, was impressed when I replayed it not long ago.

Coffin874750d ago

Wow, I have to agree with almost every game on the list.. what site is that? ^^
But HD pics would have really helped ...

morganfell4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

ArmA II > everything else. You can stand on a mountain, look out for 20, 30 miles or even further and then travel to the places you see. The detail is amazing and ArmA 3 will take that same capability to another place altogether.

Just Cause 2's Avalanche engine deserves honorable mention.

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saladthieves4751d ago

Just Cause 2 always made me wonder how such a ridiculously large island could be drawn at such a distance.

Scrotie_McBoogerball4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

With tones and tones of depth of field blur. It makes the GPU work a lot less than it would if DoF is off.

If they didn't use DoF blur, you then have to render in the images and have varying levels of texture for different distances, then apply some form of AA to make the edges look decent. This process uses much more GPU power.

Not trolling Just Cause (I own and have clocked it). Just I am onto their smoke and mirrors when it comes to draw distance.

Bladesfist4750d ago

Billboarding most likely.

f7897904750d ago

Why don't they do that for every game??? I loved the view distance.

cRaZyLeGs 934751d ago

What about Crackdown? You could see everywhere! You could actually snipe each other from opposite sides of the map!

RankFTW4751d ago

I've never played Crackdown but that sounds pretty cool.

Honky Kong4751d ago

across the whole wide world?

Frak4751d ago

only on the 360 version, PS3 version is Perfect

awi59514751d ago

GT4 is total crap on pc my grandmom can program a better pc game.

Trunkz4750d ago

lol @ list. ArmA 2 is known for having amazing distance, probably the most that you can ever do in a game as long as you have the computer to handle it.

TheGameFoxJTV4750d ago

Anyone who disagreed with you is delusional.

St04750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Yep, Arma 2 should be on that list