Call Of Duty MMO The Next Phase Of The Franchise. It’s Gonna Be Sick

During the special Activision event, Modern Warfare 3 and Prototype 2 was amazing but something more interesting was mentioned amongst various journalist.

The development of a Call Of Duty MMO seems to be in the works or in the early stages of development. This may become a brand new way to take Call Of Duty to the next level, find out more interesting details in the video below.

1luv and god bless enjoy the video

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LOGICWINS2922d ago

The "It's Gonna Be Sick" part confirmed that this was you HHG lol. Btw Hiphop, a COD MMO would get a lot of attention...but we all know Activision will charge consumers an arm and a leg to play it.

evrfighter12922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Lol he can't wait to pay 15 dollars a month to play just one shooter

He can't hype bf3 because it's primarily a pc title and he's anti-pc, so he's stuck with hyping cod lol

y0haN2922d ago

How can you be anti-PC?

saladthieves2922d ago

Hip Hop Gamer...I'm kind of tired of this guy making his opinions sound like's sickening really.

zeal0us2921d ago

finally someone else who realizes this, its part of the reason why i don't go to his site.

Dart892922d ago

If they do make an MMO you can expect to be paying $59.99 monthly.We all know Acti is gonna scam people out of their money.

pepsilover_20072922d ago

come on $60, it actually gonna be 150 and your left arm

Hitman07692922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I've been waiting for this for a long time! But I know they won't say too much until the other CODs are out the door. Marketing campaigns and so forth.


Cod is done. MW3 and this will be garbage.

S_C2922d ago

You say that COD is dead yet black ops was the biggest selling COD game to date and pre orders for MW3 are 4x as many as black ops was this time last year .....i would'nt exactly call that dead.

As for the MMO COD i could see activision charging around the £5 mark a month , because it makes it sound quite cheap yet after 9 months you would have paid the price off the full game , and most youngsters would probs buy the year subscription day 1 so activision would be £20 in profit straight away and times that buy the millions of People that would buy the game that is a pritty good wedge of profit

Emilio_Estevez2922d ago

Exactly....all these people will come in here saying COD sucks, but they buy it anyway. Or "my brother bought it". They are fun games to pick up and play. No one else has been able to match what they are doing. BFBC is better IMO, but the casuals just can't stand actual teamwork and maybe having a few slower parts in the game. The facts is COD isn't going anywhere soon. I think it would be an easy prediction to say MW3 will outsell BO's on each console it releases on. I would bet everything I own. Vegas wouldn't even take the bet

SpaceSquirrel2922d ago

I hope CoD stays free online on the PC and Playstation 3

Godmars2902922d ago

Why would it?

Activision would be committing console suicide if they add a specific fee to only the 360 in addition to XBL.

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The story is too old to be commented.