World of Warcraft News: Massive Tier 11 Raid Nerfs Coming in Patch 4.2

Check out a list of all of the upcoming nerfs to current raid content coming with the next World of Warcraft patch and share your thoughts on the changes.

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jdoggystyyle2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

wow they are pretty much handing out t11 for free now, i guess its not a big deal since no one will be messing with normal mode t11 raids anyway. Just always sucks when u have worked for months to get ur gear, then its givin away basically for free :(

herukuti2920d ago

good idea; most progression and non elite guilds dont down chogal or the class distinction between firelands raiders will still be present so its not like raiders will be the same category as wellfare epic wearers.

GKickNetwork2919d ago

It all really boils down to T11 being obsolete. The raids won't be awarding Valor Points anymore, the gear is old and the only reason to keep doing that content is either to complete it or to round off your gear when it comes to heading into Firelands. It's a smart move and it doesn't change the challenge of the Heroic modes of these raids either.