A Stronghold 3 Interview with Simon Bradbury

Stronghold Heaven writes: "ecently Stronghold Heaven staff put some of your questions to Simon Bradbury of FireFly. Here is that interview:

Hello my name is Simon Bradbury - Designer on Stronghold 3

It goes without saying; all of us at Stronghold Heaven are looking forward to exciting improvements to everyone's favourite castle RTS series, Firefly Studio's Stronghold/Crusader series. You have discussed before how building your own engine took away valuable time from focusing on the game itself. Now you are using the Trinigy Vision Engine that Settler's 7 used. Were there other options for you or was this an easy decision?

It was an easy decision to use Trinity's Vision engine - they are an up and coming engine and so have both lots to prove and are also small enough that we gets lot of their time for bug fixing and the extra features we need.

Physics implementation as well as advanced lighting will be delightful updates, will there be any other tech advances that will be utilized such as 3D vision, crossfire/SLI support or multi-core optimization?"

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kookie4143d ago

I saw the game on gamersgate, and i thought that this is not announced.

iWishTifaWasReal4142d ago

wooo Stronghold series is still alive.