Ebay Member Closing Store, Offers New PS3 Slims for Ridiculous low Price

A well reputable Ebay member is closing his New Jersey store and is currently offering all NEW PS3 160GB slims for only $199.99 with FREE Shipping!! The Ebay Member has excellent feedback and even has pictures of all the PS3′s available. The Ebay page has “more than 10 available” so you might want to hurry if you are looking for $100 PS3 discount.

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BrianG2921d ago

Wow, first the Target deal, now this. Is someone trying to tell me something? Time to upgrade from my old Phat?

But I'm so tempted to wait until E3, never know what might happen as far as retail deals and price drops.

YoungMoney2921d ago

I was thinking the same thing,too many signs leading to a huge price drop. At first I was thinking $249.99, but now I'm almost certain that they will be offering the 160GB for $199.99 and make the 320GB $299.99

BrianG2921d ago

Yea, like they did with the 120GB, phase it out, lower the price on the 160 and 320 to introduce a new 500GB model or something along those lines.

Whitefeather2921d ago

Just bought two one for me and another for my brother. Both replacements for our PS3s.