Sony Can’t Win E3 2011, Same Goes For Microsoft And Nintendo

Geek Revolt writes "Here’s how Sony can win, no here’s how Microsoft can win—no forget those two, here’s how Nintendo can win. Enough already, do you want to know the sad truth? No one can win E3, not Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. Here’s why the idea of winning E3 should be erased from gamers minds completely."

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LOGICWINS3472d ago

Of course, no ones going to win E3. It's an exhibition...not a competition.

Uncharted3Goty3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Logic you have Lived up to your name on these comment

Zydake3472d ago

IDK but I want a Publisher to unveil a new console...

Zydake3472d ago

no not nintendo like Konami or Sega any1

ChickeyCantor3471d ago

That drugs you are using?
Don't use it all, pass some around.
Too much is bad for your health.

Trunkz Jr3472d ago

Nope. Whoever can WOW the most people with their Machines or Games is the winner.

ash_divine3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

and what exactly do they win?

anubis563472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

E3 is both exhibition and competition if you ask me...

Nintendo will be the winner, Sony comes second

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movements3472d ago

The gamers have already won.

DarkCharizard_3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

1. Nintendo
2. Sony
3. MS

New console + best exclusives on current gen home consoles + 3DS = Epic win

Sony will probably come 2nd and MS a close third. But no way either can come first! Nintendo's new hardware will probably steal the WHOLE show.

fluffydelusions3472d ago

I'm excited to see what Nintendo will bring but it doesn't mean they will "win" E3. Cafe could turn out to be crap for all we know.

SoapShoes3472d ago

You're forgetting that Sony has new hardware as well....

NateNater3472d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Estranged is talking about the NGP.

mrv3213472d ago

I mean the 3DS was such an epic win for gamers... with all the... it has... yeah.

3DS will have a good showing this E3.

Sony will have a ton of exclusive

Microsoft will show stuff, not so much exclusives but good content.

A good E3.

Clarence3472d ago

New console with rehashed games does not win.

AdvanceWarsSgt3472d ago

Look everybody, we have a time traveler on our hands.

Tell me, when exactly does the world end? I would like to know out of curiosity

paintsville3472d ago

Nintendo is going to win this one hands down. Microsoft will make a big splash with Gears and a Halo reveal, and Sony will spend the entire show trying to divert attention away from it's laughable network.

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Enfilade3472d ago

I cant wait. June 6th needs to get here already.

StitchJones3472d ago

It's not really about winning. It's about having the media leak everyone's stuff well before it's announced at E3 so it's old news. That is what needs to stop.

jacksonmichael3472d ago

I don't know about that... My lack of patience is pretty brutal.

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