Will The Wii Lose Its Steam In 2008?

The Bitbag writes, "Nintendo has done an amazing thing with the Wii. It's so amazing that I still don't understand how they did it. They took existing Gamecube hardware, upgraded it, repackaged it and added the Wiimote. They threw in a free game called Wii Sports and now every mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, father and grandfather who never gamed before has to have one."

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skagrerrrr4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

we ask n4g's bill gates?

he seems to be an expert on everything

or better, field that question to our dear nasim

Richdad4013d ago

Definetaly this article is stating about Wii sales correctly. Hey I myself dont want a Wii its good but it doesnt has the power, and except few like mario and gang it doesnt has any good titles.

cloud3604013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

MGS4 and FFXIII and UT3 and everythign in 2008.

So thats like 77% chace PS3 will sell 20 mil by end of 08

TheMART4013d ago

Are you on crack? It sold about 5 mln. units in a year. It won't sell 15 mln. units extra in one year from now. Even not with MGS4 and FFXIII.

ChickeyCantor4013d ago

although the PS3 will have a boost with FF13 and such but no i dont think it will sell that fast in 2008.

BTW another stupid question that is has been asked before...N4g.....a portal for repeating subjects? uhnmmmmm uhmmmmm.

Kholinar4013d ago

If it sells that much, I'll eat my cat. :)

Anyway, the answer that's looking more and more certain this gen is parity. I'm beginning to believe there will be no clear winner this gen, just a lot of competition. That could mean that people fold and jump hoping to win next gen, or it could mean a paradise of great games for gamers.

Any console could still dominate, but there are no clear checkmates on the table. If anyone has a chance to dominate that's apparent as this point, it's Nintendo.

skagrerrrr4013d ago

I'll eat my neighbor's dog, every tried dog meat before?

Sam Fisher4013d ago

ima a xbox fan alittle more than ps3 and im buying a ps3 b/c of the reason of mgs4 and ff series (maybe not 13 but versus 13 yes) and thats bout it

ItsDubC4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

All pet consumption aside, 20 mil in a year would be an accomplishment to say the least, but highly far-fetched given the PS3's pricepoint and lack of mass-market appeal.

I don't think we can assume that all the PS2-owners out there are brand-loyalists waiting for another PS3 pricedrop or that MGS4, FFXIII, and UT3 will be absolute must-haves for a significant portion of the potential consumers who don't already own a PS3 and who don't mind spending a wad of cash that big for the console to play any or all of those games.

A wider variety of games in 2008 will likely make for a much better year for the PS3 tho, as the console has the smallest library of games at the moment. However, I will eat all of my african cichlids if the PS3 sells 20 mil by the end of '08.

On another note, I'm interested to know if cloud somehow got 77% mathematically or as an estimate.

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ItsDubC4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

lol the author of this blog piece sounds so biased. Regardless of what some blog-runner who has yet to own a Wii has to say about it, I'll try to address the question in a logical and reasonable matter:

The Wii more than any other console is very appealing to ppl that don't spend hrs a day gaming, and it will need a steady stream of games that appeal to this demographic (the so-called "untapped" market) throughout 2008 if it is to continue selling well. As the Wii's game library grows to include more games that appeal to avid gamers, many of these gamers may purchase a Wii as long as they determine that the Wii will continue to get these "core" titles.

So as I see it, the Wii's advantage in appealing to a wider audience is also a disadvantage when it comes to satisfying its installbase. The Wii software library cannot possibly appeal to every type of Wii-owner ("casual", "hardcore", "social gamer", etc) if it stays small, so I think part of the strategy for the Wii's success in 2008 is to simply inundate its software library with as many games as possible in order to cater to all the different Wii-owners out there. I liken it to the PS2's situation.

If the Wii software library can grow significantly in 2008 w/ budget casual titles, top-rated core titles, innovative motion-sensing titles, and simple-but-fun WiiWare games, I think the Wii will be alright.

Kholinar4013d ago

"I liken it to the PS2's situation.

If the Wii software library can grow significantly in 2008 w/ budget casual titles, top-rated core titles, innovative motion-sensing titles, and simple-but-fun WiiWare games, I thinkin the Wii will be alright."

It is a LOT like the ps2 library. People tend to get tied up in Metacritic scores, but in the end quantity was what mattered most to the ps1 and ps2 in the first couple of years. Quantity eventually begat quality. I didn't buy a ps1 because I liked the N64's graphics power much better and I saw a lot of trash infesting their library. I had a lot of fun with the N64 but Sony won precisely because of that openess to developers (no matter how incompetent).

Your question is intriguing as well. I'm not sure if Nintendo can cater to all interested audiences. Some may end up getting burned. I do think, though, (in relation to another story posted recently) that Nintendo has an easier task ahead of them than the Xbox pushing adoption for family use. I know of very few parents who would look at that line-up with enthusiasm.

nirwanda4013d ago

something unique will sell incredibly well like nintendogs or brain training and nintendo classics like mario and zelda will appease the nintendo fans if you want to break the wii market you have to be creative as traditional multi-platform stuff will just get compared to the 360/ps3 versions and just doesn't suit the wii remote just like it doesn't suit the ds touch screen

Monteblanco4013d ago

Also, regarding third party support, the Wii is a good business to them. Nintendo have the bulk of the business as I might speculate they would have if they dedicate themselves to other platforms. Still, considering that, according to NAMCO, it is necessary to sell 500.000 copies to make money with the PS3, only 4 games achieved that mark, 2 from third party publishers. Assuming the same development costs to the 360, we will find that 44 games got that mark, 36 of them from independent publishers. However, the Wii's development costs are much lower than these two machines. In fact, THQ declared they are from half to a quarter. Assuming these numbers to be correct, a publisher only need 125,000 to 250,000 copies to make money with the Wii. That would place the number of third party Wii games breaking through somewhere in between 14 in 24 to 28 in 39, which is not bad. Far superior to the PS3, and not too distant to the XBox, which is clearly the winner in this aspect.

pornflakes4013d ago

The Wii will finally end like the gamecube.
The Software is crap. Without Wii sports and WiiPlay (after 1 year still best sellers) the good times would be over.

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