First PS3 Blu-Ray Player interface image

Today, for the first time ever, Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 3 showed off Blu-Ray disc playback, and we've got the first image of the interface being used for Blu-Ray plaback on a PS3.

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specialguest5876d ago

heyy! it looks just like the PS2. i was hoping to see something better.

HyperBear5876d ago

I clicked on it, and it doesnt come up. give me a working link please.

drewdrakes5876d ago

I dont like the PS2 dvd interface, i hope they do better. Im happy that the Blu Ray is well on its way and working :)

CAPS LOCK5876d ago

like some blu ray players can play all 50gb i hope ps3 can play it properly and if it doesnt i think they can just upgrade the firmare.

Fraggerock5876d ago

fyi: I've added another image. If the admin could please add an "s" at the end of "image" in the title, that would be great =)

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