Which Game Publisher Will Sue Sony First?

"Well, the siege continues with Sony’s Playstation network. Sure, you can play Killzone 3 with your friend in Abu Dhabi, but you still can’t buy anything off the store, including those two free games that Sony was offering as recompense for their service being down for the better part of a month."- Shanghai Six

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The points brought up are very valid. Potential revenue losses are not something publishers and more importantly movie and TV execs will take lying down. The store being down for as long as it was affected their bottom lines in some way and someone will come forward to try to recoup some losses.

nickjkl3679d ago

okay guys lets sue every store that closes at night bitches be losing that revenue

besides this is almost as bad as the pirating revenue


it hypothetically cost us this indeterminable amount of money we will just say quoting from article

"hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars"

jadenkorri3678d ago

most ridiculous argument ever. If devs sue for lost sales through psn/live/steam/etc due to downtimes, then walmart/futureshop/GS/EB/best buy could sue devs for products not received. How many times have we gone in to buy a game and told the shipment didn't come in.

SoapShoes3679d ago

If I were Sony I'd refuse to let them be apart of the PSN Store if that were the case. Unfortunately they lost money, so did Sony, but if they want to take action they can just stay off for good.

It's another source of revenue they didn't have before the PS3/PSP so they should be happy it's there at all!

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Thank you that made me laugh.

Kleptic3679d ago

it is pretty obvious that the author isn't entirely aware of how all this works legally...not that I do exactly either, but i'm not writing articles like this...

but first of all...the zipper thing is ridiculous because Sony owns them...its PUBLISHERS that have legal grounds for complaining about losses...and with Sony being the publisher of Socom 4...what are they going to do, sue themselves?

but more importantly...none of us have, or have seen, exact contracts 3rd party publishers sign in to when using the playstation network...I am about 100% positive Sony has plenty of legalalize in there that states if an outside attack reaches the PSN as a whole, they have the legal right to remove its services to consumers in order to deal with it...which will DIRECTLY effect 3rd party publisher sales and revenue because of it...without any harm coming to Sony about it...

that is the point...this wasn't Sony pulling down the PSN for the hell of it internally...they pulled it down because it was attacked by an outside source...and that is exactly where pissed off publishers need to go to look for their money...if they can prove that it was entirely Sony's fault (which it wasn't), then they have a case for sueing Sony...

If Wal-Mart or a Best Buy gets blown up by some guy with a bomb...distributors selling their shit at that store can't sue wal mart or best buy because no one is buying their stuff...this is no different...

the only thing they can do is chose to not have their stuff available on the PSN now...which they won't people love to say 'we lost all this money' in situations where that is not reality...its actually 'we planned on making all this money, but didn't'...its just that that doesn't sound as convincing to the public or a court...

supremacy3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Yeah on top of that i believe sony will compensate these publishers with free promotion on the psn store, and give them better marketing and even dedicate seperate themes to the store for them.

Which will in return make em that lost revenue in short time.

I think publishers understand the situation and will most likely deal with it going forward.

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blackburn103679d ago

It's lame because why is anyone trying to guess which publisher will sue Sony first? It's like watching a car race and trying to guess who will die in a fiery car crash. Reporting that a developer is suing Sony is one thing but eagerly prematurely trying to guess which ones is crap. We all know a developer COULD sue Sony,even though they haven't actually lost anything because they will still get the money back when the store comes back. If I wrote an article on how many games Microsoft probably won't have at E3 I guarantee no Xbox fanboy would be saying 'good points there'.

MWong3678d ago

I got to agree with you on this. It's just the "media," if you can call them that, trying to stir the pot.

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