New Ratchet bugged?

Could there be a problem with the biggest PS3 game of the year, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction? GR Global Editorial Director Stephen Pierce has this to say:

I had got to the Planet Mukow, about four or five planets into the game. I completed the first Arena Challenge in the Imperial Fight Festival and headed back to my spacecraft to fly to another planet. I pressed the triangle button to enter the craft and the screen went black and some numbers appeared in the top left hand corner. The game froze."

"I reloaded and attempted to leave the planet a further four times and the same thing happened each time. I don't know if I've got a defective machine, copy of the game, or what?"

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predator4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

u beat me to it again, but the one im going to post is different to this.

Edit. the i was going to post has just been done to, i need a bigger CRank, damit.

Hope this bug gets sorted quick

mighty_douche4013d ago

or so i read yesterday. sure all the xbox fans will be all over this, no ps3 game is allowed to get over 90% without having something to moan about!

i hear theres a typo on the back of the box to, some other ammo for you guys.

wageslave4012d ago

"Over 9?"

According to Metacritic, the combined score is 9.0 / 10.

Not "over 9". But 9.

the worst4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Either take off 500MB or add 500MB in data to your HDD by deleting something or downloading something. Uncharted videos come to mind, as both are over 500MB. Should work fine after that.

predator4013d ago

i think that workaround is related to the game not starting at all, which seems to be a different bug from this 1 freezing, hopfuly im wrong as this looks like a good game for the ps3 and would hate it to be spoiled by bugs

SabreMan4013d ago

nothing is good in everyones eyes, it's called Opinion

rightly or wrongly everyone is entitled to one

FirstknighT4013d ago

Let's see how you kiddies like it. You sony fools couldn't stop posting bad news for Halo 3.

Let The Games Begin!

mighty_douche4013d ago

a fix is on the way already so relax noob, nothing to see here. oh and by the way, this game was developed in roughly 9 months compared to halos 3 years, i think a few launch bugs which can be resolved arent as big an issue as you'd like to try and make them.

360 tab is the next one over, f*ck off back there.


everytime I see a post from this guy , its a negative sony bashing one. Get a life dumba$$! Go play Halo if your Xbox is not being repaired.

Silver Bull3t4012d ago

Being aptly named, I can't call you out on that one, but as far as flame bait goes you're certainly guilty.

I bet you wish they took as much time on PS3 titles as they did on exclusives for the 360. Like you said nothing to see here... except the fact that a signature title is BROKEN!

I wish I could play crapware that needed fixed too.

Time for a reservoir change there _Douche, you STINK!

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The story is too old to be commented.