The "Holy Grail of FPS" Controllers Lands for XBOX 360

ZG writes: Splitfish AG are apparently the inventors of the world’s leading high-end precision gaming mouse console controllers. They have announced the long awaited FRAGFX SHARK 360, the world’s first super precision mouse hybrid gaming controllers for XBOX 360.

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earbus3471d ago

Nice i have been playing this way on pc for a while, mouse one hand 360 controller in the other very keen to try if its not too expensive.

Senden3471d ago

Looks awesome however I wonder how well it'll work on games with aim assist on? COD especially suffers from this quite badly might be a bit annoying using the controller with games like that.

Scrotie_McBoogerball3471d ago

I don't know about you guys but when I am on a console I want the control.

This thing looks le poop.

RevXM3471d ago

FragFX Pro SUCK!
This will to, like all the other hybrid stick emulating mouse controllers...

r1sh123471d ago

I also think that frag x pro's suck, i wouldnt be surprised if this was the same.
The best controller for FPS IMO is the xbox controller, they should release it without the heavy ass battery pack and make it flat with built in batteries like the ps3 controller. They have already released the fix for the dpad, if the battery pack is removed and built in batteries are used I will buy that controller.

montyburns0003471d ago

built in battery pack? why, so i have to tether myself to the console every time the charge gets low?

I have used eneloops for years and it's the best solution by far. no need for a cord and no need to buy replacement batteries. and as for heavy? are you really that weak?

r1sh123471d ago

Im not that weak..but the difference in weight is pretty extreme when compared to the ps3 controller. Built in batteries, unlike you I have more than 1 controller so I leave 1 battery pack charging whilst I use the other in the controller Im playing with. Then switch, so if the controller had built in batteries...BUY 2 controllers.

arjman3471d ago

You act as if you have to charge the controller every minute, I haven't charged my dualshock for god knows how long.
You could easily do a solid gaming session (4hrs) on a fully charged controller.

paintsville3471d ago

Wow this looks pretty awesome. It'll be great online fragging on Xbox Live. PSN.....not so much.

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Shaner_Bock3471d ago

Several years ago I bought the first FragFX for the PS3. In all honesty it didn't work all too well. I played a bunch Resistance with it and ended up just going back to the Sixaxis controller. The way that the mouse works to replace the right analog stick just didn't feel right.

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