BBC and Top Gear team up with Gran Turismo 5 dev on PS3

Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo series and the are teaming up to offer Top Gear episodes for download via Gran Turismo TV on PS3.

GT TV plans to offer users the latest news from the world of motoring and is due for launch in 2008. In this new deal there will be 40 episodes of Top Gear available for download.

We'll also be able to drive on the tracks!

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P4KY B5585d ago

I was waiting for something magical to make me buy a PS3.
And being able to drive on the top gear test track is it.

I'm sold.

HarryEtTubMan5584d ago

But do you think this is it? It's the Sony Playstation and there is tons more coming its way for a long time. People only like to hate whos number one... especially when they've won by so much the last two generations. GO PS3!

CG5585d ago

Thats excellent news.

predator5585d ago

sounds really good, just need a few more good features like this and ill go out and buy one.

popup5585d ago

I was beginning to wonder how GT-TV was going to be of any real value, then I downloaded the clips on the demo and like magic I was all hyped up to play again. Now that the track(s) will be available after the show (maybe more from German TV etc too), I see its genius.

All the game needs now is some normal and fun cars in like the old GT's.

andy0015585d ago

Very cool. I wonder how realistic the times will be, compared to Stig's of course.

mighty_douche5585d ago

how cool would it be if they put in The Stig as a 'ghost' car or something but they could use actual stig racing lines (real life) not just get him to play the game.

does that make sense?

andy0015585d ago

I did think that too. It would be a natural extension, although I suspect that it would be too easy to beat him. No matter how much they try and make it accurate, the games still allow you to drive a car way more aggressively than in real life, thats why I mentioned the balancing of the times.

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The story is too old to be commented.