Next WWE Video Game To Have Advanced Game Engine

It looks like WWE's next video game will have an improved game engine as announced on a status update on Facebook.

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Reibooi2923d ago

I've always wondered what a WWE game could be if they truly put time and effort into it with decent tech. Most of the games these days are either really over the top like the most current one or are held back by bad tech causing horrible things like the characters clipping through the ropes and what not.

A game that really put current tech to use could be really good. The wrestling games of the PS1 and N64 era did this and they were far and away the best ones but as the consoles got more powerful the games didn't adopt the tech and just stayed in the category of cheap cash ins instead of really fun games they used to be.

Dart892923d ago

I agree man i loved Smackdown 1 and 2 on the ps1 but these newer ones have not caught my attention.

Drazz2923d ago

All it took was for people to not buy it as much. Now they are announcing new tech..... lmao. Greedy jerks.

-Alpha2923d ago

The COD of Wrestling games

I'm hopeful that they bring us back the PS2 days

starcb262923d ago

I had some really good times with HCTP :(

DeadlyFire2923d ago

You have to watch their words though. They say improved. Not new.

arjman2923d ago

What this means is that they will add one or two graphical features using the same engine, in the meantime they'll be counting the money...

downwardspiral2923d ago

the only thing can save the smackdown series is if they completely overhaul the whole thing and start from scratch

CobraKai2923d ago

I hope they get rid of the name Smackdown vs. Raw altogether. At this point the title reminds me of a stale franchise.

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