Nier Is Dull As Dishwater

Tired Gamer writes: "Even if the creative approach to shifting perspectives wasn't subject to a clunky, dizzy-making mechanic, and if, after a shift, the new camera angle didn't almost always infuriate by somehow managing to be one that obscures more than it reveals, and even if the flat, poorly crafted characters and thin, un-engaging plot were all somehow made right, and the terrible dialogue and uninspiring visuals given a decent spruce, frankly, even then, Nier would still be dull as dishwater."

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Balflear872921d ago

This game is AWESOME even if graphics aren't good.
Don't be deceived people

HardcoreGamer2921d ago

i played this game to end, its really good. sometimes can be hard , but this article is soooo wtf?

midgard2272921d ago

music was amazing, gameplay was ok, story was interesting, I enjoyed it! this article is on crack

Son_Lee2921d ago

The grammar and writing here is dull as a dishwasher. How can one criticize a game without even knowing how to write properly? It automatically discredits you, besides the fact that I don't agree with a single point you said as Nier was outstanding. Sure, it has its flaws, but I think it deserves a 7-8.5.

paulgovan2921d ago

The grammatical style is an intentional aspect of the non-establishment nature of the column. It takes some getting used to, granted.

Son_Lee2921d ago

Even if that is the case, it comes off as amateurish, and does nothing to enhance the article.

LightofDarkness2921d ago

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't equate writing ability with being pro- or intra-establishment.

Baka-akaB2921d ago

what a poor and unlikely excuse . You could have just asked people to bear with it .

N4GAddict2921d ago

Nier is awesome. This article isn't.

HardcoreGamer2921d ago

i loved this game, i fell like ripping this article to non existence

Alos882921d ago

"thin, un-engaging plot"
Yeah, stopped reading right there.

KingPin2921d ago

who the hell wrote this garbage. more importantly, who the hell editted it? like wtf!! i sure as hell hope english to them is a second/third language because ive never read such a piss poor written article in my life. and i read 2nd grade english better than this.

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The story is too old to be commented.