LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review: Should it be swallowed by the Kraken?


"From swinging on vines to duelling the Kraken, all the adventure of the Pirates of the Caribbean series is in this game. Disney’s Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a great new game that lets you relive the excitement of the series with your favourite juvenile pastime, Lego."

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gaminoz2918d ago

My kids love this game! I really like the look of this one too, and the new co-op screens. There is much less fighting between them about who is too far behind or ahead!

BadCircuit2918d ago

I have always loved the Lego games and it sounds like this one is just as good if not better then the originals. I will definitely playing this game and hopefully loving it as I love Pirates of the Caribbean!

XboxOZ3602918d ago

Always a great game for the entire family, not my cuppa-tea, but it sure gets some of my friends going. Seems as if this one has ironed out a few issues from previous ones with regards to controls.

Belgavion2918d ago

More lego games are never a bad thing

g-nome2918d ago

Saving it for my daughter's birthday , she is going to freak out.