Sony starts extending PS Plus Subscriptions, PS Store to be back soon

Gamersmint: It looks like the PS Store might be back up soon, several users are reporting that Sony has added in their 60 day free extension of PS Plus subscription, which was promised as part of the Welcome Back package.

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psb2918d ago

Finaly I'll be able to

Redeem DLC for LA Noire
Download my two free PS3 and PSP games

Can't wait, hopefully it'll be up by tonight. Let me check my PSN Plus sub status, maybe they've given me my free sub period aswell.

Karooo2918d ago

they added it to my account, also some of my download dates have been changed aswell. PS Store <3

TheMrMadzen2918d ago

BTW, my subscription has extended too :D

Tired2918d ago

I've had mine extended Whoop Whoop, been waiting since the beginning of the outage for mass effect 2 cerberus pack.

KiLLUMiNATi_892918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I'd just want psn working at full functionality and it's a good thing ps store is back up.

Ducati2917d ago

Cool, just checked and my subscription has also been extended, hope the New Zealand Store is back up tomorrow.

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