New Final Fantasy Type-0 Characters

Andriasang: This week's Dengeki has the latest Final Fantasy Type-0 character and voice actor info. Here's a brief glimpse at the magazine's coverage this week

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Kurisu2921d ago

It will soon be time to wipe the dust off of my PSP! Here's hoping that this game doesn't take too long to translate in to English!

tablav2921d ago

What with the NGP coming out and this slated fro release on the PSP, I'm guessing it won't be long. Then again, Square Enix do like to take their time with things. Either way, I'm looking forward to it. Looks like a return to the good old days potentially!

zackacloud2921d ago


Releasing game in end of sony entertainment devises defult life time(6 years) it become traditional for square

FFIX released in 2000 on ps1 also on same year ps2 released


FFXII released in 2006 on ps2 also on same year ps3 released


FFTYPE0 will release in 2011 on psp also on same year psp2 will release


FFVersusxiii will release in 2012 on ps3 and should ps4 will release on same year but ps3 actually didn't give a lot to this date so mybe will last for anothet 3 years