Mass Effect Interview Part 3: Massive Damage (Screen Play)

From The Age's Screen Play:

Mass Effect's combat system offers more flexibility than any previous BioWare title.

Players can micromanage every aspect of the party-based combat and make countless tactical decisions or simply charge in and start blasting away like a standard shooter.

As Screen Play continues its week-long Mass Effect series, BioWare's Chris Priestly talks about the combat system and the party selection process.

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socomnick4015d ago

OOOOOoooooo yea ima bone that Blue chick YES SIR

Zhuk4015d ago

I can't wait for this game, i'll be on university break too so i'll probably lock myself away for a week and just play what is going to be one of the best releases this year

lynx1halo4015d ago

mass effect appears massively boring....massively slow paced....and massively overhyped for a game of such subpar quality

green_ghost54015d ago

Subpar quality? you must be mistaken, there isn't a game out there that looks better, the gameplay for this game is going to be incredible, so please if you would explain on how you came up with "subpar". I think this game will keep anyone who is a RPG fan, or a Bioware fan busy for quite some time. Can't wait!

kn4015d ago

It was an EA title and was a first person shooter if you wanted it to be OR you could choose to order your troops around and to defend/attack certain areas to meet your objectives. I absolutely loved the game as it was a groundbreaking title. I'm hoping this does the same as I enjoy going back and forth from guns a'blazin' to directing the combat and letting the troops get it done.

green_ghost54015d ago

Agreed, I like to play games where I can control all the action, everything...this game will provide plenty of it!

kingfury4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

How unoriginal. Seriously, how could this game pass through QA testing? Bland graphics, uninspired gameplay, shoddy physics. I've seen 3DO games produce better AI than this garbage. This game will get 6.5 average on Metacritic at best.