We don't need next-gen now, says Levine

We don't need the next generation of consoles yet, Irrational boss Ken Levine told at a BioShock Infinite event in LA last week. He believes current hardware still has much to offer.

Asked if we need the next generation now, Levine said: "No ... I think about the PS2. It started with Fantavision and The Bouncer, and it ended with San Andreas and God of War. That's the same piece of kit [running] those games. If you told that to anyone on the planet who didn't know better, that it was running on the same piece of kit, they'd tell you that you were an absolute f$$king liar!"

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dangert122921d ago

I remember Devs talk about the games cost to develope would be to high and if they still can't take full advantage of the ps3 then it's not time imo the gamecube was maxed out i think the ps2 with the GOW games and i'm not quiet sure if the xbox was but like i said when 3rd party devs are pushing the ps3 to it's limits it makes sense why want a new gen when you ain't even scratched the surface of a console from this gen?

reynod2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Development cost is over rated. Its dev crap at best.

How is it such a great looking game like witcher 2 can be developed with only 8 million usd. Its possibly the best looking game out this year.

Crysis 1 which is still one of the best looking games out cost only 6-8million usd.

Metro 2033 didnt cost much.

Bottom line is todays devs are spending way too much money on marketing a game and paying Sony & MS royalties then complaining about expenses. A game like COD costs peanuts to make however they spend over 200million usd just advertising and marketing.

Same goes for most of the console games out this gen they just spend to much marketing it. Cut the crap make good games people will buy it.

In the end a game like witcher 2 is a next gen game it just happens to be on a platform which which isnt controlled and marketed by some company.

vishant1012921d ago

pc games cost less to develop even so the most expensive games on console never break the past the 100 million mark thats not alot considering the the income that comes in

also gears one was developed by 24 people that was probably the highest attached game when it came out

another point high cost and long dev time doesnt equal good games e.g. 80 mill production costs plus 10 yr dev time = too human lowest rated aaa game ever

Ranshak2921d ago


Devs have to be retarded not to be able to take advantage of 6year old tech aka Ps3 or xbox 360.

Its obvious even most PS3 exclusives run in 720p if it did have any more juice those same exclusives would be running in 1080p easily. Not flaming the PS3 here 360 is pretty much in the same boat. Both are old.

Want to play next gen looking games it happened in 2007 when crysis was released. Ever since then multiplatform development has pretty much been on stagnation.

dangert122921d ago

What i mean is how are third parties asking for the next gen when they can't even take advantage of the ps3 properly

Ranshak2921d ago

Does it ever occur to you that the same 3rd parties have no problem making games look and run better on PC hardware that is 3-4 years old (not cutting edge but 1-2 years newer then PS3).

Clearly its the PS3 thats the limitation not the devs.

paintsville2920d ago

It's really too soon for developers to start tooling up for a new console. They've finally recovered some of the cost of getting up to speed on this gen and pushing the current tech will help them in the future development on new boxes to come down the pipe. It's just too soon. The current consoles still have some juice left in them.

r212921d ago

i'm with Mr Levin, i just bought my ps3 this year, do not want the next gen....yet

r212921d ago

well, i finally had enough money to buy it after saving a whole lot.
i hope those disagrees is because people want the next gen now and not because they think im an xbox fanboy or some shizznitch.

yamzilla2921d ago

bought my xbox360 day 1 2005

ps3 day one 2006

been ready 4 a new console since 2010

ohhh well

that's what pc is for,it's always next gen!

games like The Witcher 2 look better than what the launch games for the xbox720 and ps4 will look, it is one sexy and awesome game

ElementX2921d ago

Yeah but SLI 580GTX will be around $950, no thanks

2921d ago
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