PLAYSTATION 3: The Advertising & Third-Party Plan

onAXIS writes "Another subject to expand on.

Is anybody here subscribed to PLAYSTATION Underground's weekly subscription e-mails? If so, tell me what you see. What? Not subscribed? No problem. Take a look for yourself below."

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Zhuk4013d ago

I get Sony Underground too and yes they could do a lot more to promote third party titles with the newsletter, it certainly wouldnt hurt after we heard that Sony is resorting to begging 3rd party devs not to abandon the platform

wil4hire4013d ago

The 360 is competing with the PS3, and that was Microsofts full intention. It was never to dominate the industry. See Zune.

As of today most multiplatform games for the unit aren't flattering. Everyone forgets how long it took the 360 to get on its feet. We weren't flooded with advertisements about jumping in on a minute to minute basis Pre-Gears-Of-War. Remember?

The PS3 has been out 11 months. Its sold 5 million units. Without any of the advertisement campaigns. The Software hasn't been in the right shape, which it is getting in. Remember we've only had Motorstorm commercials & heavenly sword really.

Everything is warming up. Ratchet & Clank, AAA. Uncharted is due out soon as well, lets just wait and see which one of these will be the "GOT TO HAVE IT." For the ps3.

Until then, shelling out $ for millions of people to buy a game that runs at 10fps and looks just AS good as the 360 version if not worse means millions of unhappy customers who would have been slapped in the face. What does that tell people who would have bought Skate? Or any of the titles on that site.

EA is the only company that does that under a flag of console anonymity.

Nicosia4013d ago

Reading your post (and most of your posts) i have concluded your did not read what was written. Your post is just a long winded ''i feel offended, must defend!''.

Lets get it straight, don't advertise for 3rd party developers? Are you crazy, you show them love they show YOU love. More adverstiment = always a lille more exposure. Thats what ms is doing right is to even promote the underdogs, look @ Bioshock. You also have to take in account that these multi-plats still sell a lot better on x360..i wonder why. I believe when 3rd party developers see there games don't sell on ps3, they will think twice to maby release the sequals on it..or even future games. Don't start with loyality, 3rd party are independent (mosly) and they need the money, thats how they pay the employees.

wil4hire4013d ago

You don't advertise a bad product to people, and expect them to hang around for the next round of let downs. MS didn't do it, Sony isn't doing it at its 11 month mark either.

Nicosia4013d ago

So Bioshock wasn't good? You always draw those sales card. YOu know that games sell because of the publicity they get right? These so called ''crap'' games you call, not everybody has your opinion. Atleast there promoting these games that nobody prolly would have touched (except the hardcore people). And how the hell do you know that its bad, did you play it? its about tast my friend, not the console.

Btw the sales card you keep pulling. Note that PS brand is a very strong brand, it has a rich history. You know it would sell a healty amount of units, you act like it would not. WHile nobody (including me) thought the x360 or Wii would sell this good, and i feel that its pretty good. Sony has dominated the console market, well even had a monopoly. I see nobody debating that fact.

mirroredderorrim4013d ago

I don't care for Sony or Micrsofts advertisements. Playing beyond is lame and jumping in is worse.

Nintendo did it best with "Now you're playing with power"

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Proxy4013d ago

"Warhawk, what's that?" he said...

Come on Sony, advertise the games worth advertising.

mccomber4013d ago

seen the commercial for the Simpsons game that only shows the ps2, ps3 and psp boxes, and ends with the Playstation logo at the end? They may be running multiple versions with different consoles represented, but I thought that was a pretty big step for Sony since they obviously had to pay for it...

solidt124013d ago

I noticed this myself. Sony needs to start letting the public know that these games are on our system too. We only see commercials PS3 only games.

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