Surviving The Horror: Dead Space 2's Hard Core Difficulty

Nightmare Mode takes a look at Dead Space 2's hardcore difficulty. Hard Core offers players quite a different experience than usual. The cost of failure is not a few rooms’ worth of progress, but rather, entire chapters and multiple hours of gameplay. Similar difficulty modes have appeared in other games, but it’s particularly suited to the survival horror genre. The player is already used to being extra careful about enemy encounters, and the more serious consequences serve to heighten the tension. All this is just fluffy theory until you actually screw up, however.

Then the game changes.

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voltron20102924d ago

I love deadspace. played the first one many times as did deadspace2. Zealot mode is not hard - you get to keep your upgraded weapons. Blows them away. I will not try hardcore again. waste of lots of time. I don't mind so much having to restart from your last actual save point - but limiting to 3 saves takes the fun away. I thought that is what a GAME is for --fun. hardcore is not fun.

kramun2924d ago

Hardcore is a choice, you don't have to play through it on hardcore. If it's not fun then obviously don't bother. It's a challenge for people who do want to try.

flyingmunky2924d ago

Personally I thought that hardcore was easier than zealot difficultly, but then again I played zealot on the first run. I didn't have the awesome upgraded weapons and armor to start my run with.

Topshelfcheese2924d ago

I loved Hardcore mode, it made me really careful and was able to make it all the way without dying once. Dead Space is a great series can't wait for the next one.

cochise3132924d ago

Hardcore is a b!tch; you have to have a lot of patience for it. I tried and failed lol.

MonkJammas2924d ago

I never even bothered trying Hardcore mode, I considered it and then realised I found some of the portions of the game frustrating on normal difficulty. Hardcore would definitely have ended with me needing to buy a new controller and tv.

Kudos to anybody who manages to complete it on hardcore though, that is quite a feat.

gospelnote20002924d ago

I completed the game on hardcore and you really just have to have plenty of patience. But actually when you know where all the enemies are coming from and what weapons to use it really was not that bad. Hahahahaha I dont think I would ever go back and do it again, but it was great knowing I was able to complete the game of the hardest difficulty. I think it actually added to the game a bit because I was more than terrified of moving to quickly through a level.

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