Let's just say that Link is ambidextrous (Bitmob)

Bitmob Staff Writer Alejandro Quan-Madrid writes: The Legend of Zelda's Link often appears right handed these days, but I refuse to believe that he's no longer a southpaw.

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CNXN2920d ago

Link is always a different link in every game.

ChickeyCantor2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

OoT > MM
LoZ > LoZ II
LTTP > LA ( not sure about this one though)

So you're statement is wrong.

chanmasta2920d ago

So is YOUR spelling, Sidar.

ChickeyCantor2920d ago

Sure, I make the mistake now and then.
How is that even relevant to anything above?

F'off =)

jacksonmichael2920d ago

Chanmasta was right. Knowledge is half the battle!

Lilbambit2920d ago

what a pathetic article

Optical_Matrix2920d ago

He's ambidextrous. Why? Because Miyamoto is also ambidextrous. The only reason he's right handed in Twilight Princess for Wii and Skyward Sword is because majority of people are right handed and it would make more sense for them when doing sword play, if the remote was held in their right hand. Imagine trying to swing around a sword using your right hand when the sword is actually in the characters left hand.

jacksonmichael2920d ago

Correct. Only 11 percent of the population is left handed. The reason you aren't given the option to play left handed though, (and here is where I get a little lost) is that, since Link would be inverted across the Y axis, his world would need to be as well, and there isn't enough space on a disc to put the world on the disc twice, once for each hand. This explanation makes sense for Skyward Sword, but I can't see why Twilight Princess needed to be flipped.

tunaks12919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

seriously how is this a topic worth talking about?!?