GamePro- BioShock Infinite: Time Travel in the Floating City

GamePro: "As you probably know by now if you’ve seen the trailers, BioShock Infinite is set on a city floating high in the air, a direct counterpoint to the city underwater in BioShocks 1 and 2. One wonders if they haven’t painted themselves into a corner here and will have to set the next game in the series on actual terra firma. The year is 1912 and you, playing as former Pinkerton (a famous detective agency of the era) agent Booker DeWitt, have taken a job to rescue a young girl named Elizabeth who’s being held captive in the cloud city of Columbia.

The concept of a floating city may seem anachronistic to 1912 – heck, we wouldn’t be able to do it in 2012 even if we wanted to – but the historical inspiration behind the politics is spot on. Built as an example of the Jeffersonian ideal of American exceptionalism, the city went rogue after an international incident during the Boxer Rebellion in China (spreading too much unwanted American values apparently) and was lost to its original US government creators. Now it’s off floating who knows where."

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TheBossMan2925d ago

This and Alice are two of my most anticipated games at the moment... love the art style in each of 'em.

rabidpancakeburglar2925d ago

Didn't know that it was set in 1912, I assumed it would be later because it's in the sky

Rybakov2925d ago

can't waaiaaait for new bioshock it hurts waiting for it