Should PC Exclusive Titles Still Exist?

PCs and consoles have been battling it out for years. Both would go back and forth with the games, leaving one platform behind as the other kept the title exclusive to them. Now that consoles and PCs share a lot more in common than they used to, should PCs still have exclusive titles?

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Pandamobile2924d ago

What the hell kind of question is that?

Agent-862924d ago

An absurdly stupid one. There are so many games that are just not possible or desirable on a console.

Agent-862924d ago

@Persistantthug, a decent RTS game for one. I'm not into MMO's, but that would be another example.

Persistantthug2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Heck, I have COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT 3 for my PS3 now (traded someone on Craigslist). Could have been better, but it's not bad....They should have added Keyboard and Mouse support. And in case you didn't know....both the HD consoles have USB ports. In the PS3's case it has USB AND K/M is more than able.

Next....MMORPG's have been on consoles since 2002 on a 300mhz machine (FF11 PS2). RIGHT NOW I have FREE REALMS on my PS3. How about DC Universe?

There's also a Japanese f2p PC MMORPG called UNCHARTED WATERS (PC 2005) that came to the PS3 in 2009....You can play it free right now if you want.

If all that's not enough to convince you, how about this:
"Most recently, Shaun was at MMO developer ArenaNet heading up the Guild Wars 2 console development team."

I hope I've put any of your doubts to rest.

Agent-862924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

@Persistantthug, I said a decent RTS, let alone a good one. Even an older title, like Company of Heroes (2007), just wouldn't be possible for either of the HD consoles. It took a great PC to run in its day and still takes a decent one today. How about a 16 player matches of World in Conflict (another older RTS title)? I don't think they'd handle it. On MMO's, again, I was referring to decent ones. Or how about some good free to play ones? How about 64 player BF3 on the consoles? Not happening because it isn't possible.

Look, I have nothing against consoles and you really don't need to get all defensive. I happen to own a PS3 and it makes a great sidekick to my PC gaming. But, each has their place and I just think that there are some games that are not only better on the PC, they are only possible on the PC. Good RTS games are just one example. The article was asking if PC exclusives should still exist. I happen to think so, just as console exclusives should also still exist.

Persistantthug2924d ago

I just told you that C&C Red Alert 3 (2009) is on PS3. Here's the PC min specs:

Minimum: Windows XP SP2,

* AMD Athlon 3000+/Intel P4 2.2GHz,
* 1GB of RAM,
* 6GB of free space,
* nVidia GeForce 6 series/ATI X1800 or better,
* DX9c or 10 compatible sound.

Here's your COMPANY OF HERO'S (2007) specs:

* CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
* Hard Drive Space: 6.5 GB
* RAM: 512 MB RAM
* Video Card: DirectX 9.0c 64 MB VRAM with Pixel Shader 1.1

Bottom line, there is NO retail PC game thus far that if programed, that can't be done on the HD consoles....not 1.

Yes, PC high end and mid end are better than consoles, but you have to keep in mind, developers make their games so they can run on Low end PC's and Laptops. Consoles are more powerful than many of those....That's just the way it is.

Take care Agent-86.

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evrfighter12924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

it's a pc game that is a billion dollar empire by itself. It single handedly destroys all ps3 software sold each year. It needs no introduction.

ffxi with its 500k user base brings in 6 million a month for SE.

Starcraft 2 sold 2 million in a couple days.

BC2 pc destroyed ps3

crysis 1 hit the 3.5 million mark years ago and Consolized Crysis 2 is already all but forgotten around 1 million.

Rainbow Six very successful on PC. Already dead when it went to console.

CoD very successful on PC has no place else to go but down.

PC gaming holds the best of the RPG exclusives, the best of the best FPS exclusives and the best of the best RTS exclusives.

It also holds the definitive Racing simulator out on the market.

just sayin.

Bigpappy2924d ago

RB6 and COD did better on PC? Link please.

evrfighter12924d ago

"RB6 and COD did better on PC?"

lol who said that?

undercovrr2924d ago

a question by someone who's clearly never played Half Life, STALKER, Crysis1, or any strategy/mmo games.

nopunctuation2924d ago

The best games for the PC are the ones that require you to inject roids into your hardware to get those super shiny graphics that make PC gamers brag to the console gamers. I like my graphics but not enough to spend thousands of dollars for something that doesnt even look that much better than killzone 3 or uncharted 2. The best thing about PC gaming for me isnt really the graphics but the modding. That is something I am envious for more than anything else.

Guitardr852924d ago

@ nopunctuation

I hate to break it to you guy, but youyre just plain wrong...

For the money they cost when a new console comes out you can buy a GREAT gaming PC. For 300-500 bucks i can get a quad core cpu, average motherboard, 4-6 gigs of ram and an awesome video card to go with it. You just need to know where to look...try newegg or tigerdirect...

I seriously don't know where the falacy that a gaming PC costs "thousands of dollars" comes from. It has to be from insecure console fanboys who are too afraid to play a game on the PC because they will realize that they really are better...

BTW I also own a PS3 and LOVE it!!!

Check your facts before writing drivel...

somerandomdude2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I think most people are good with a 130 dollar ati hd 5770 or something along that line. Those graphics cards still support ultra settings for just about every pc game.

PC gaming is cheap if you are smart about it.

Tony P2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

This is the self-entitlement at its worst. It makes me a little sick.

As soon as PC gamers get a high-profile exclusive it's "It should come to consoles!"

No one says "put it on PC" when Sony or MS release an exclusive. If we're lucky, MS tosses the PC crowd badly ported sloppy seconds out of a half-assed notion to support PC. And Sony? They couldn't care less about PC outside of their MMO market. Don't even get me started.

Just be satisfied with what you have. CDP has already said they're interested in bringing their franchise to consoles anyway. So this is just impatient whining. Next thing you know, it will be "why should PC get it first?"

gypsygib2924d ago

It will come to consoles.

There will be a port when the next gen comes around.

Solid_Snake-2924d ago

i can see why this article is here. witcher 2 has been getting the highest review scores around and some people are butt-hurt that there exclusives are getting crap reviews.

damn player h8rs.

when console games stop been rail-shooters then we can have a mature convo about it.

until then leave pc exclusives to the big boys with the big toys.

DeadlyFire2923d ago

Even if they were to not exist. We have game mods. Modders turn into game developers and build a new PC exclusive game at some point. Just way things go. I love PC game mods. Talented minds get to share their talent with a great community inside a game world.

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rabidpancakeburglar2924d ago

Pretty stupid. Obviously they should. Consoles wouldn't be able to run some of the MMOs the pc has to an acceptable standard

caboose322924d ago

Why not just say "Should exclusive Titles Still Exist"? I dont understand why they just want pc exclusives to be for everyone, but console exclusive dont have to be.

evrfighter12924d ago

It's just a rant for not being able to play Witcher 2 on his console. Is all it is, he shows his ignorance with paragraphs like this.

"Consoles have surely come a long way since those times, featuring some really powerful processors and also integrating online gaming as a standard. Though PCs still end up being more powerful, consoles have just as much to offer in the world of gaming, bridging the gap that was once very wide. With that in mind, I believe that PCs should no longer have exclusive titles."

he seriously thinks his console of choice is not far behind a gaming pc's.

caboose322924d ago

I find this incredible funny and ridiculous. They constantly criticize pc gamers for being elitist, but this is the most elitist thing I have ever read! What a fanboy, I think it's great for both consoles and pc's to have their own exclusives because it drives sales for that platform. It should stay that way, and it will.

Rybakov2924d ago

haha yes people on consoles wouldn't understand the awesomeness of the Witcher....not to mention how immature people are the witcher would get its adult humor and content butchered

i_like_ff72924d ago

Most absurd article ever...

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