Blu-ray camp can't get 50GB titles to work?

Most new technologies have some teething problems as the early kinks are worked out, but it seems like the Blu-ray camp is experiencing more than its fair share of growing pains.

Find out its latest problem uncovered by endgadget.

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Marriot VP5870d ago

So this is the root of the delays, probably more problems unknown though because it's usually never one. Blu-ray or HD-DVD, either one get rid of the hyphens their annoying as crap to right out. Especially when people don't use them and mispell on ebay.

CAPS LOCK5870d ago

people on e-bay cant spell...anyway new hardware always have problems and this would be bad news to me if the ps3 couldnt read it aswell, but then again i will have an upgradeable 60gb harddrive.

Marriot VP5870d ago

if it was called e-bay, that's what would be in its url

bernie5870d ago

The sites that know movie formats, know it's HD DVD that's the format to choose.
The advantages, pricing and hype free electronics are already here.

Read this and save yourself some money:-


DJ5869d ago

He claimed that HD-DVD was superior and when I asked him to give me reasons why it was superior he came up with these reasons:
HD-DVD players are cheaper.
HD-DVD movies are cheaper.
50 Gb is too much and we don't need the space.

And even though i showed him the online prices of movies for both formats (Blu-ray movies are the same price as HD-DVD, and in some cases cheaper), and the fact that the new Panasonic BD player is superior to HD-DVD and other Blu-ray players on the market....

He still claimed that 50 Gb is too much space. And still went on to say that Blu-ray discs cost too much to manufacture, despite common knowledge that they cost as much as DVDs.

Is the rest of America in the mindset that Blu-ray discs offer too much space? That buying inferior technology is fine so long as you pay a little less for the machine? I wonder what your arguments for/against the two formats are. Video quality isn't one of them however because everyone knows the two formats use the exact same video codecs.