NPD Analysis: Did Lair Go Down in Flames?

From 1UP:

"Factor 5's Lair dropped on August 30, but didn't show up in the top ten software sales for August or September. Is this the first major misfire for Sony Computer Entertainment America and the PlayStation 3?"

1UP examines the tricky release date for Lair and how it might have affected Lair's sales numbers in August and September, as well as the numbers of Warhawk and Heavenly Sword for the same months, and the sale history of Resistance: Fall of Man.

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ATLRoAcH4016d ago

Is Lair isn't doing bad internationally now its just releasing in some places.

games4fun4016d ago

1. its from 1up biased meant to talk about it because of Ratchet success
2. round peg contributer meant to talk about it because of Ratchet success
3. It is doing well in japan and prob europe because they are changing the control scheme which was the biggest issue

Snukadaman4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

here goes those sales charts for japan..
lair aint even in the top 10 of ps3 sales of software in uk.

yea lair did horrible....weird how your so up on news since you contribute alot of news on here and you didnt know how lair did atlroach.

well that explains the no show on uk charts then ailc...but too say lair is doing great internationally I was under the impression that it was out everywhere allready...

AliC4016d ago

Lair hasn't been released in Europe yet

ISay4016d ago

sometimes im just not in the right mood for some games so i re rented lair to give it a second chance... this game blows thats why its not selling like gang busters but it didnt bomb it had respectable numbers

Clinton5144016d ago

I'm not entirely sure of the point that Patrick K. is trying to make.

AllanWakker4016d ago

That 1Up is pathetic cesspool of dimwitted Xbots?

AdBlock the clowns right out of business...

LeonSKennedy4Life4016d ago

Sadly, it did bomb.

If they had only gotten Incognito to do the motion controls for would have sold well. Well...that and good reviews. Gamers buy based on reviews...

iceice1234016d ago

Are kidding me? Would have sold well? It is a garbage game, controlls or not. Bad framrate lame story and all around boring. Fixing the controlls can't save a game that is just terrible in general.

xplosneer4016d ago

bad framerate, a little. Story no way, 2 warring sides of a volcano island with huge freakin dragons flying everywhere! All around boring no way. Fix the controlls and the targeting and it's a solid 8.5/10. Unfortunately we are talking about what COULD have been, and sadly what did not turn out to be. still gaming over remote play was the best possible thing they put in there

Gordii4016d ago

They Release to many good games near one months time! Why not do one every month myself i shelled out 300dollars on games, and i have yet to pick this up Lair and Resistance are on my list now once thats done its Final Fantasy which ever one comes out first that is. oh and haze so to be truthful its going to be a great damn holiday season. Too bad i need to find a week i can get off work now :D

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The story is too old to be commented.