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awiseman2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Hey its new MW2 map pack! o wait...its $60! no way!

edit: I read the title and its MW3. Looks good and its rumored to have dedicated servers.

KingDustero2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I never thought MW2 would be getting SP DLC. Makes sense that it is $60 though since TWO maps cost $15. We're getting a great deal I guess.

sdtarm2918d ago

wow this actually looks so bad, it looks so dated

MaxXAttaxX2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

After paying $45 for map packs in MW2 (plus the amount of hacking and cheating) we better get a discount on MW3. Like half off. No joke.

I see they lowered the saturation so it resembles BF3 a little more, lol
Technically speaking though, it's still not up there.

Game still seems a bit cookie cutter-ish.

NatureOfLogic2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

lol, look at the haters.

They hate COD, but are always the first ones to post a comment on a COD article. lol

MaxXAttaxX2918d ago

I don't think people hate just the game.
It probably has something to do with the hype and overexposure in the media that idolizes mediocrity and unoriginality as well.

Thatlalala2918d ago

Funny thing is... all of you will be online Day 1. So please stfu.

MaxXAttaxX2918d ago

I'll be online playing any other game such as UC3 day one, that's for sure LOL

JokesOnYou2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

oh, yeah let the haters hate, just jealous of the franchise success, I love COD games, can't wait.

Dee_912918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

this is ridiculous
it look JUST LIKE mw2 ..

and they wont change much anytime soon because people gonna keep buying it

I havent bought a madden since madden 10
and looks like i wont be buying any more CoDs anytime soon

hassi942917d ago

Not sure on this one, don't think it's worth it. I do like playing the SP but I've been bored of the MP for ages and I doubt this'll change it.

I can borrow it for a few days a few months after it comes out I guess!

jetlian2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

who wants to bet uncharted 3 will be swepted under the rug 1 week after release?!

I'm seriously thinking of getting a 3d tv for uncharted 3 and was planning on putting this on hold for awhile... Well not anymore! this looks badass

And l bet sony gonna $%#% A BRICK

ND head was pumped to much crazy as hell picking nov it was trouble with oct in 09

Heartnet2917d ago

Based In Europe!! yay :D Day one purchase!!!

badz1492917d ago

this is suppose to make me say "wow" or amaze me? like seriously? all I can say is "MEH..." why are people so excited about this expansion pack anyway?

The Killer2917d ago

guys, i am a COD4 fan, and i didnt like MW2, but MW3 looks promising from the looks! so stop the hating! it might turn to be a crap game, but from what we can tell now it looks promising.

so stop hating and start appreciating!

jeseth2917d ago

Hey guys, I'm with you on many aspects of COD. I can't stand how it caters to weak players with rediculous perks, akimbo shotguns/sub-machine guns (what human can accurately run and shoot a shotgun in each hand? Not even Arnold as the Terminator ...nuff said), Killstreaks that take over a game, etc.

But we are so hard on this game because after all the dust settles, its still the best online shooter you can find from community, matches, game modes, etc.

We just hold COD to a higher standard and I get that but lets not forget that MW is a great game and changed online shooters on consoles forever.

Easy on the hate, we still haven't played it yet.

hiredhelp2917d ago

Lets all face it the MP is what has made this game around the world love it or loath it.

So stop with the SP footage show the cod fans the mp footage cos after all thats were i get put off. (My opinion people)

Elimin82917d ago

Based on the comment I take it it's another remix? Modern Remix 3?!...

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lil Titan2918d ago

Atleast the campain looks worth playing this time

undercovrr2918d ago

that's what they said about MW2 and Black Ops. And look what happened there

thematrix12982918d ago

No he is not...don't be a fanboy. Gone are the console fanboys shit in days it's BF fanboys that ruin anything to do with COD. At least we have some progress as gamers.

gamesmaster2917d ago

Did anyone else notice freedom tower at the world trade centre plot? 1:15 in thats the freedom tower and the other proposed buildings..

reznik_zerosum2917d ago

Inception soundtrack rip-off lol

lil Titan2917d ago

@hudsoniscool im being honest the campaign does look like its worth playing now ONLINE is something im not looking forward to

JMyers2917d ago

@ lil Titan...

You're joking right? That's what they make you think every time. Hopefully I am proven wrong and the game works for a change.

lil Titan2917d ago

@NeloAngelo maybe im just another one who bought into the smoke and mirrors but i must admit it does look like something i would like to play, the graphics look the same i dont care what anyone says and i will of course need to see actual game play and most likely ill rent this or borrow from a friend

antz11042917d ago

C'mon now people, the story in MW 2 was pretty good, I thought the end was great.

Having said that the story for BLOPS was worse than the third Pirates of The Caribbean movie.

IcarusOne2917d ago

I agree with Antz. The MW series has had very respectable SP storylines. Not really sure what everyone's been complaining about. If you're looking for white-knuckle action in a compelling political thriller, MW is sort of where you go. I don't really care about the MP. I just want to hunt down Makarov and stop WW3.

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zeal0us2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

for all those who want to see the video.
screw activision blocking ha ha.

Zydake2918d ago

Thanks for posting the vid

tawak2918d ago

pretty sure this footage is from a pc version w/dual or triple sLi w/physx

the_kutaragi_baka2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Same character models.
Same character animations.
Same crap graphics overall.

now tell me, why is there so much hype around this crap of game?

PRHB HYBRiiD2918d ago

Call of duty needs a new engine...those greedy bastards make a shit load of money and what do they do with it? recycle the same engine over and over...not worth 60 dollars...maybe 25 or 30...btw the single player looks like mw2.

cleanhealthy122918d ago

gameplay > graphics

cod gameplay > any fps gameplay

enjoy your pretty looking shit game (bf3, if they can even get the console ports to look good)

its not like cod looks bad.

Corepred42918d ago

game is fun. period. f*ck your technical and graphical whining. the game is fun.

DeadIIIRed2918d ago

@cleanhealthy12 So if they kept the same game mechanics, but had Tomb Raider (PS1) graphics you'd still love it?

egidem2918d ago


Don't be surprised if Battlefield 3 console version looks better than Call of Duty MW3 PC version.

Dee_912918d ago

im betting the gameplay will be the same ...

antz11042917d ago

....and it still looks better than most games out there, as MW2 did, so stop with the "needs a new engine" b.s. MW2 was a good game.

If you don't like it, don't play and leave the rest of us in peace.

FFXI1012917d ago

Don't forget about the story.

MoH has better story than MW2 and probably will be better than MW3 as well and so far everything else is looking better on BF3 than MW3.

shayol33t2917d ago

@antz: stop covering for the greedy slackers over at cracktivision, and don't bother trying to to deny their use of nothing new whatsoever.

I loved mw 1, the first and best one, mw2 came and crapped on that. blops sums up that one aswell. point being, they've re-done and rehashed it so much...its just getting annoying

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AEtherbane2918d ago

That scene in the streets in Paris...
I've been there

Otherwise it looks like same-old call of duty, for beter or worse.

gameraxis2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i hear both sides,but forget about all that... AS a SINGLE game, I'm psyched! that trailer looked better than crysis one consoles, you know its going to have better controls... i'm not a fanboy or a hater of COD, in fact i put down black ops because i was sick of it once i saw the new guns and maps it was the same... but if they innovate and improve on story telling and gameplay, this game looks to be incred.

DigitalAnalog2918d ago

I'm sorry, but it was a big mistake to click 720p. The sub-HDness of the video is hurting my eyes.

-End statement

SonnyD2918d ago

Thatlalala, I won't be on it. So what makes you think you know me?

BubbleSniper2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Battlefield 3 still looks better and I am expecting better gameplay.

The movement in this game has not changed, judging from the trailer.

Rocketboot wearing soldiers who glide across the screen like flash gordon on ice.

to be fair to this piece... the graphics look slightly improved.

cleanhealthy122918d ago

show me the bf3 console gameplay

SolidStoner2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

BF3 will be not as good on consoles... that is the true, less players online, and graphics will not be like in the teaser.. and even on PC, you have to own very, very good PC to run it to the max performance.. so tehnicaly MW3 and BF3 will be very similar on consoles, its all about the gameplay now..

Im still hoping BF3 will be better and I hope they add more game modes like in MW, like TD, S&D, Capture the flag etc..

superrey192917d ago

take a look at battlefield bad company 2. I expect the console version of BF3 to look like that but slightly better and bigger, which is at least 2x better looking than this game.

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xtremeimport2918d ago

my main problem with the COD games is that you could change the title from Modern warfare through this new one(maybe even including blackops) and I bet most people wouldnt be able to tell which game it is. its just the same thing over and over...and its not like its over the span of 10yrs..its over the span of like 4. its tired and dry, and i wish they would develop a new engine and try to make their game deeper and not just produce mediocre games and release them knowing people will buy it because its a hype train.

Jaces2918d ago

Can't wait to get it...once I find it used somewhere, maybe a pawnshop.

Undeadwolfy2917d ago

rent it, campaign will be short anyway. And the online will be messed up in some sort of way.

Jaces2917d ago

I would but I usually find myself enjoying the online when it's not being hacked at the time.

So I'd rather buy it for around $18 rather than rent it then get that craving after it's returned. ;P

2918d ago
R6ex2918d ago

Sadly, Modern Warfare is no longer "Modern".

I'd re-name it "Ancient Warfare 1".

My new love ... Battlefield 3 !!!!!!!!!

syanara2917d ago

Call of duty has really lost its touch since CoD4 MW2 was just a god awful game that ruined everything I liked about 4 and while black ops kind of brought it back it was not enough. I doubt MW3 will do anything to wow me this time around though the hype train they have going is pretty good.

IcarusOne2917d ago

What was so awful about MW2?

syanara2916d ago


on top of an awfully shallow, misplaced, and disorganized story. extraordinarily unbalanced multi player. kill-streaks that basically paused the game for many of the players. and people who can get a nuke in 60 seconds that ended the game. What I really dint like was the ungodly KDR some guys would get in any game using exploits and cheap ways to do so, the reason I did not like this was because say I am playing CTF If my whole team is just going for kills and not actually playing the gametype where is the fun in that? the rewarding was blown so out of proportion people did everything just for the next kill or killstreak and the incentive to play half the gametypes was either misread half the time or just flat out ignored.

that is what I did not like about the gameplay online or the story.

The other thing I did not like was all these reviews giving MW2 a 10/10 in graphics when it was blatantly obvious that the engine was showing its age and things like foliage, interior walls, and many other textures we all so low res that the game just looked like garbage or at least dramatically outdated.

for example: gametrailers praised the physics in MW2 in their review and showed a grenade rolling down some stairs. not only has this been around for a while but that was the only thing they seemed to care about in the way of graphics.

Now the graphics weren't ALL bad, certain story set pieces stood out well and lighting effects were at par with other games but the bad outweighed the good in this case.

what I will give MW2 credit with though was the 2 player spec ops. that was probably the only thing I actually enjoyed about MW2.

PS. during my online experience I did not see anything that showed massive hacking or cheating. so this is my opinion of the online without the reports I have heard from others about such things.

IcarusOne2916d ago

To each their own, I suppose. I for one very much enjoyed the story and single player campaign. I mean, how often do you see helicopters falling from the sky, and for my money, they nailed the eeriness of a Soviet invasion. Shephard's double-cross left me speechless and the final run for retribution was exhilerating. But that's just me.

One thing I don't think should fault the game though if the reviews. Infinity Ward has no control over the ratings, and to hold any dev responsible for the reviews of their game - whether you agree with them or not - just doesn't make sense to me.

But I see much of what you're saying, and while I don't agree with you 100%, it makes sense.

hamburger1232917d ago

I just get this and Battlefield and Uncharte4d

sourav932917d ago

Ah man. I expected way better. Guess disappointment will have the last laugh. Thank god for Uncharted 3 and BF3.

silenius2917d ago

The only cool thing is how the WW3 (world war 3)
is turned to MW3 ... all the rest, mehh i will just stick with Battlefield 3

SephireX2917d ago

Very good trailer I'll give them that but it looks just like MW2. It will sell like hot cakes at an obesity parade but Battlefield 3 will too and that's the shooter to buy. Why settle for mediocrity when you can play Battlefield 3 instead? It may well be a good game but I'm just sick of CoD year after year after year. Though if you were a shareholder in Activision you wouldn't be complaining. I won't be buying or renting this game but I will give it a go. I think you can read between the lines...

newflesh2917d ago

N4G Logic:

* MW 1 Not shit, new, we want more.
* MW 2 Not shit, new, we want more.
* After Infinity Ward disintegration, MW2 is shit by definition.
* All games from Activision are shit.
* Medal Of Honor release, not shit by all means, cause EA is COD killer.
* All games from EA are not shit.
* Medal of Honor is out, shit.
* All games from EA are shit.
* Call of Duty: Black Ops is shit by definition, cause of old engine, cash cow and Activision.
* Crysis 2 shit, cause new engine is for graphics whores, and the publisher is EA, they don't have good games.
* Portal 2, old engine, not shit. New engines are for graphic whores.
* Battlefield 3 release, not shit by definition because of new engine and it's not a cash cow (Battlefield 1942,Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Heroes,Battlefield 2: Modern Combat,Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1943)
* MW 3 release, shit - old engine and cash cow.
* Battlefield 3 release, not shit because new engine, and they said in interview that MW 2 is shit by definition.
* MW 3 is out...
* Battlefield 3 is out...

snipes1012911d ago

This is the most graphically accurate depiction of a N4G user's mind. #standingovation

50Terabytespersec2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Awiseman? wtf kinda reply was that??
Totally off topic??
Lets talk about cinematic presentation and graphics game play.
This game look phenomenal !! Im sure it will be on PC!!!Which i will be getting for.
As for console if they still have it at Low Def blur mode.
Ill pass.
But as for know with all the money they made (Infinity Ward) Im sure they can create some amazing set-pieces and cinematic and detailed crafted models environments!! That is one thing having a big budget affords you!! So much environment models etc models..Total immersion!!! I love it!!
But PC only if Console is low def!

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iamnsuperman2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Looks good Nice location but will it be better than MW2????? or BF3 ????? Graphically not a giant leap but better than i thought it will be. Lets see some gameplay first before jumping on the hype train. But the trailer does look good