Gears of War 3 Bundle Shipping with Real Life Retro Lancer

As if Cliff Bleszinski and the team behind gears of war can’t stop teasing players enough with their goodies….they've just announced another one. Epic Games has just posted pictures of what’s going to come with the $139.99 bundle of Gears of War 3……The Retro Lancer.

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The Matrix2922d ago

This is awesome and my inner child would love it....but their are so many things my $$$ has to go do. Especially all the other awesome games coming out this fall.

DistrictMime2922d ago

I hate fall because of this. My budget always seems to take a toll around September time, and this is another great example of why I'm so broke for the holidays. DAMN YOU EPIC! WHY ARE YOU SO GREAT!?

The Matrix2922d ago

I know, right? First $150 Epic Edition and THEN the lancer?

DistrictMime2922d ago

They're really good at this pre-order business.

SixZeroFour2922d ago

if its diecast metal, i would buy it in a heartbeat, if its plastic but has weight to it like the halo reach LE statue, ill give it a thought...but if its just plastic, ill prolly pass...does look pretty sweet tho

mastiffchild2922d ago

Not a chance of anything but plastic at hat price and I'm way, way sick of gamers getting sold plastic cack as Spec Ed swag. BS to me. roper BS and why we fall for it I will never understand.Are we all dim? In my eyes this thing is just as big a con as that feeble blue placcy Ocarina mooted for the Spec Ed of 3DS OoT.

Even the weightier Halo statues were STILL crappy quality plastics. We need to stop expecting limited and special editions of games costing , about, double the usual game price to have much worhwhile in them. For that £40-£50 just what do we expect them to come up with that still leaves the kind of profits they're used to? Exactly, when you factor in storage costs and haulage costs and making up for unsold units(which there always seems to be these days even for Gears/Halo and MGS games)I doubt they can even offer us stuff that would retail on it's own for £30 and costs about £10 tro make at the most so we won't ever get anything worth having unless Cliffy or someone decides to put something personal but cheap in there-like a signed whatever.Then again you can sometimes sell the stuff on pretty well even if 99% of it is worthless the minute the game's forgotten about/the next decent game arrives.

SixZeroFour2922d ago

i personally dont buy se/le of every game, but i do buy them for games i like...being the big halo fan that i am, i loved what was included in the halo reach LE (halsey journal was a good read, the statue looks great, and the little armor items were also nice and i use both of them) the cat helmet although useless, i still like the way it looks but thats only cause im a big halo fan

i dont know why most other gamers buy practically every LE for every game they buy, but i only do it if im a big fan of the game and i like whats included in it

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WetN00dle692922d ago

Its NECA for FCK sake! Nothing but quality from them!
Ill have to go sell a kidney to get one! There is no way in hell, ill let this pass!

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