Modern Warfare 3 will have Dedicated Servers

Mr. Bowling has confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated servers. That means no one will be “host,” that’s less lag. No one will have a bigger advantage because of their connection, (I mean, not the host type of advantage). The previous Call of Duties, MW, MW2, Black Ops, are NOT on dedicated servers.

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a_bro2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

OH RLY? well thats a good start.

captain-obvious2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

on PC only ??
just like black ops ? \

still don't think it'll have Dedicated Servers on consoles
its activision after all

yes i did read it
but where does it say the consoles are getting did servers ??
because that dont cut it/confirm it
next thing you'll now
activision well say its a miss understanding

MidnytRain2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"@z0mgItsHutch Of course, you can also come over to the studio when I’m back in the states for lunch and a chat. - by @fourzerotwoin response to…

@fourzerotwo Aaaand, if I was a betting man, would it be lucrative to place money on dedi servers for console this go around? – by @z0mgItsHutch"

Consoles will have dedicated servers.

Solidus187-SCMilk2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Unless they give you the option to host your own.

Dedicated servers for COD would probably cost them fortunes to do themselvs since so many people play the COD games. It would be cool if the console versions gave users the option to set up their own dedicated servers. Possibly use another console as a dedicated server too.

I will be surprised if this is true.

mastiffchild2920d ago

THIS is what the needed to do, though, isn't it? P2P for the biggest shooter in the world was a massive joke in 2010 for Blops. They make EASILY enough to cope and when Warhawk has still got it's community enjoying them and has since 2007 it's a bit of a SICK joke that COD heads have been made to wait so damn long.

Blops STILL suffers,on PS3 at least, from a billion host migrations because of Trey and Acti's decision to stay P2P AND to nerf hosts to such a nasty degree that not only did host advantage disappear but so, 9/10 did the host themselves and as host migration rarely works, even now, that was a near game breaking mistake. Dedicateds are WAY overdue on this series and many other current shooters. no excuse and i'm praying U3 has dedicated server support or it's going tobe crap compared to Gears3 with them.

Sony has been great about the games it publishes getting good servers(MAG, KZ and Resistance joined Warhawk in having them) so i'd imagine now that they KNOW people love Uncharted MP they'll dig deep and make the experience better. Christ, if Kotick will do it there's NO excuse for staying P2P. It was also the worst thing, the connections, about U2 MP.

Dedicated servers aren't a luxury that only PC gamers are bothered about and the number of console shooter gamers who don't know the advantages must now be a tiny minority. It'stime they were the norm as I've almost never seen any lag in console shooters using them and I can remember barely four or five times where I've seen ANY in Warhawk to be honest. We PC gamers have known the importance for ages and most console only gamers have know for long enough too and t shocks me,really, that Acti have got away with this so long. Overdue-hope everyone who CAN follow suit DOES so.

blumatt2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Dedicated servers on PS3 and 360 or a no buy for me. If it has dedicated servers, I'm gonna pick it up. PSN: blumatt

Oh and bring back the CoD4 3 Killstreaks, where it's just:
3 Kills: UAV
5 Kills: Airstrike
7 Kills: Helicopter

CoD4 had it right. They should have just came out with more map packs every since CoD4 and everyone would be happy.

goflyakite2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Unfortunately I think fourzerotwo was just continuing his statement from the previous tweet.

@fourzerotwo So indulge me Robert, maybe just clarify if it's brand new tech or updated? If updated, how much? CoD4 to MW2 or CoD2 to MW2?

@z0mgItsHutch No indulgence tonight. There is plenty of time for tech talk, tonight is all about gameplay and the trailer. #MW3

fourzerotwo's very next tweet:
@z0mgItsHutch Of course, you can also come over to the studio when I'm back in the states for lunch and a chat. ;)

As in, "No indulgence tonight. There is plenty of time for tech talk, tonight is all about gameplay and the trailer. Of course, you can also come over to the studio when I'm back in the states for lunch and a chat. ;)".

blackbeld2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Yes, dedicated servers!

Day one for me!

COD-MW3 will be awesome.

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JokesOnYou2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Well I'm getting the game regardless, I know this site is full of COD haters but I've had tons of fun with MW2 and Black Ops, it still gets heavy playtime while so many of these "supposedly" better games end up collecting dust once I beat 'em, n4g elitist-know-it-all gamers can say whatever they like, but its one of the few games that keeps everybody coming back and having fun together for month after months of online gaming.

FunkMcnasty2919d ago

AMEN!!!!! Bubbles for you, man...especially the part about "n4g elitist-know-it-all gamers can say whatever they like." Oh and they will, believe me. But a REAL gamer knows what they like, and doesn't jump on silly bandwagons.

dillydadally2919d ago

True. True. It's so "politically incorrect" to support a CoD game on N4G. I'll give you a bubble just for having the nerve to state the truth and go against the popular opinion.

I get tired of the lack of innovation in the CoD series and bugs and glitches, but at the same time, as upset as I get, nothing else is coming out that has the same level of quality other than the Battlefield series, and vehicle combat isn't my cup of tea. I like small infantry gameplay, and as much as I want to get on the anti-CoD train, I can't think of another game out there that does that type of gameplay at the same level of quality.

People keep acting like Battlefield and CoD are direct competitors (including DICE and Activision), but really they aren't. They obviously have some overlap but one's small team infantry and the other is large battlefield warfare with vehicles and roles. Each attracts a different type of gamer, and if I want small team infantry, there's actually nothing to compete with CoD on consoles.

Colmshan19902919d ago

That is the draw of Call of Duty.
While other shooters try to impose every other facet they can on you, no matter how many other shooters you play, good or bad, you always know you can turn on COD and just lose yourself for an hour or two of fun.
COD4 really got me into online gaming for real, and is still one of my favourite games.
The later COD games haven't quite matched it yet, but are still fun.

DarkFantasy2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I agree i love COD as well MW2 was good but i want the same feel in the gameplay/Controlls COD4 had they had it perfect but they kept changing it with every game no cod plays the same(controlls wise) COD4 is sooo smooth compared to the rest i really want it back in that we hopfully got dedicated servers (for ps3 -crosses fingers-) they can remove marathon(no more people running around with knifes please -_-) and overpowering killstreaks like Attack Dogs,Black Bird,Nuke these are horrible killstreaks..cod4 was the best nothing was too overpowering with the killstreaks whats wrong with just having a few good ones like UAV,RC car,attack helicopter,UAV jammer,turret,care package,ect, im not going to get 20 kills with these but there fun and keep things intresting! any way can't wait to learn more!

Aarix2919d ago

The campaign is amazing there's no doubt about that. But alot of people hate cod due to the out of control problems that activation can't fix. (quickscoping, camping, immaturity e.c.t)

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awi59512920d ago

I Think this is the first step in cutting out microsoft on live. There putting these servers up so they can have there own pay service i bet. Some games like FF 11 on xbox doesnt need a live connection for you to play. I wonder if activision is up to something sneaky. Ghost recon had its own dlc link inside their games when they came out bypassing live. I wonder will boby kotik use these servers to bypass live. Like i said FF 11 has its own separate service off of live on xbox 360.

Dart892920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Wow that's a start in the right direction now get a new damn engine add what made cod 4 fun and i may think of buying you're games again.

@Project yes i'll probably check it out to see what all the hype is about.

@active reload as a matter they did they took out balanced weapons although people would always argue the MP5 was overpowered but watever,balanced kill streaks,great maps and each gun was unique in it's own way.

ProjectNaTL2920d ago

They took the MW2 engine a lot further, premiere in 2 hours

Shaman2920d ago

MW2 ALWAYS looked great on consoles while maintaing 60 fps.I'm sure MW3 with all that meyhem will only look better...


Active Reload2920d ago

" add what made cod 4 fun "

Did they take what you're looking for out of their games since COD4?

Killzone3___2920d ago

no they didn't , it just get old that's why people are getting bored of cod but people play it again because the game have a fast gameplay , simple one and they don't have anything else to play ...

Joe29112920d ago

Of course they did. CoD4, was probably the best multiplayer experience I've had on PS3. As Dart said, balanced weapons and killstreaks, and brillant maps.

Active Reload2920d ago

I was just wondering because his/her's commment was somewhat odd to me, but they've explained themselves.

MRMagoo1232920d ago

Ide prefer they took all the kill streaks out of the game completely or at least limit it too the ones they had in cod4.

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Emmettcelticfan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

That's good news no more douche bag rage quitters

Shackdaddy8362920d ago

Well there still will be rage quitters. It just won't have to change the host each time. lol.

Emmettcelticfan2920d ago

if they shut their console off it won't migrate the host, thus ruining the game

mastiffchild2920d ago

That was a Blops thing though. MW2 still had the host having a slight edge but they wanted to avoid that in Blops but they just nerfed the host by too big an amount and some people ALWAYS quit if they thought they were hosting-even before firing a round or getting killed once! It's not EVEN rage quitting as a lot of the people i've spoken to about it feel that they just don;'t enjoy it if they're the host because they feel so off the pace.sure,most good shooter layers can cope with it but I find it's a thing i can notice myself.

It was a poor design choice for a game where we already KNOWa lot of people aren't the most, erm, laid back who play it-or the most experienced. A lot of these guys just play for fun with their mates and anything that spoils that fun is seen as BS that they will avoid and if the host nerfing means you can't compete then it ISN'T fun for you.It's the best reason for them to be getting dedicated servers besides the lag we all suffered more of with Blops. Worst COD for lag since COD3. But, Treyarch spoiled the balance for hosts and you should blame them, really,when you know what kind of people are likely to play COD and won't be able to all cope with that. If new(ish) gamers could tell hosts were nerfed ten, surely, it must have been bad, no?

Admittedly, I've played very little Blops as I didn't really like it this time round(a bit fatigued with the whole thing)but it's been a hell of a lot of people I know moaning about this issue and moaning since day one too. I doubt they can all be wrong and I've certainly seen and felt it myself on the occasions I have played and been hosting. Is/was it the same on 360?

Kon2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Nice, maybe i'll give it a try after seeing some gameplay videos

Nitrowolf22920d ago

Well thats a step in the right direction