Why exactly did Dead Or Alive Dimensions die a death in the UK?

"The gaming sales chart numbers for the UK are in – and they don’t make great reading for developer Koei, as Dead Or Alive Dimensions fails to get in the top 40. But why has this happened? Get all the analysis here."

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Warprincess1162923d ago

They should of never released it on the 3DS anyway! They should released this on the PS3 or the NGP. I feel sorry for Tecmo because this game look amazing and they put alot of hardwork into it.

ozstar2922d ago

Pity that you'll never play it then.

Venox20082923d ago

Wow, game isn't a week out and you judge about it like it was a year from making people like always amaze me with your thoughts :) don't remember what was with GTA:chinatown wars?

disgaeapuchi2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

You can't blame people for being disappointed, really. In the UK, 3DS games have been out of the top 40 charts for weeks despite making the top 10 at launch, with Steel Diver also failing to sell well (it never made the top 40 charts either), so expectations were high on Dead or Alive Dimensions. Of course, it could sell well in the long run, as you mentioned, but Dead or Alive Dimensions definitely deserved better first week sales, it's a quality game that many ignored.

Venox20082922d ago

there is some truth in your words :) I think it's not only that people ignored it, I think people need to buy many 3DS'es, then they 'll buy more software too :)