Modern Warfare 3: A Game Engine Tweaked, Improved And Evolved

Infinity Ward’s creative strategist Robert Bowling has said via Twitter that the I-Ward/MW2 engine is still being used, and that the team have been adding major improvements to keep it up to the new FPS standards. He tweeted the following, “We haven’t gone into detail on the engine yet but we’ve moved beyond the MW2 engine and added a lot of cool stuff for #MW3.” Should DICE be afraid?

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belal2920d ago

Lol the question shouldn't be if dice should be afraid, it should be: is that enough to compete with BF3?

Dlacy13g2920d ago

Until a game outsells COD...then all comparisons need to be compared to COD. Just the way it is. BF3 I am sure is going to be great...but I doubt it will outsell it, not this go round...maybe next itteration.

captain-obvious2920d ago

"A Game Engine Tweaked, Improved And Evolved"
they always say the same thing about every COD game

Aussiegamer2920d ago

@dlacy "Until a game outsells COD...then all comparisons need to be compared to COD", no your very wrong.

Games get compared against uncharted 2 and games that are great not games that sell a heap and are a pos.

Dlacy13g2920d ago

@Aussiegamer... understand something, the outside world beyond the walls of this site thinks very highly of COD. It is not thought of as a POS that sells a lot...its a series that is rated very high on a whole, and yes has exceptional sales.

Here is a link to the Battlefield Metacritic scores:

Here is a link to Call of Duty scores:

Jack-H2920d ago

COD is for morons. YOU obviously are a moron. Any punk *ss b*tch that thinks COD is awesome is OBVIOUSLY an idiot. Go suck some c*ck little boy.

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blumatt2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Who cares about sales? Battlefield is a better game. Period. More realistic and there's vehicles and destructibility.

Plus there's a thing called BULLET DROP. If you snipe someone in real life, you have to account for that. In CoD, no matter how far you shoot, the bullet stays straight and true, and doesn't fall with distance. In Battlefield, you've got to account for bullet drop by aiming sufficiently above your target.

Add me on PSN (blumatt) to play some Battlefield BC2 and Battlefield 3 soon.

Dlacy13g2920d ago

@blumatt, I fully agree with you in that BF3 very well may be the better game... but from a standpoint of the comment and what this is all about... yes sales is the relevant key here. Which franchise will sell more, who takes the bigger chunk of the FPS audience... that is all the developers/publishers really care about.

Bullet drop, destructible enviornments....all that wont matter a hill of beans if the game doesn't sell well compared to COD from their eyes.

Blaze9292920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

and from there I care no more. Improvements huh? Same improvements Treyarch made for Black Ops huh? Or similar to MW2's improvements?

Should DICE be afraid? Please go.

I want to know what FPS standards he's speaking of. I'm not hating on IW or CoD (actually a fan). But I'm sick of hearing there BS. Proof or stfu until then.

Mustang300C20122920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

LOL They are in a position that they don't need to be concerned if Dice is scared or not. The series sales. Graphics standpoint yes it looks like Black Ops and yet the game trailer still has me interested and ready to play the next series. BF3, great graphics and a game I am expecting to pick up but not going to kid myself that the MW3 will sell just like BO and the games before it in a the series. People can talk all the sh*t they want to talk about the graphics or the company itself.

This reminds me of the funny qoutes that I love hearing over the years:

"COD will get beat by (insert game here) in sales"

"COD popularity will die"

"I will not purchase the next COD"

"Hasn't changed since COD4/Modern Warfare"

As far as I am concerned I have so many games to play on PC and consoles that I can give two sh*ts about what engine they are using. The fact that they provide me a good experience every version I have played then they are doing their job. I am pretty sure they realize people feel the same and will continue "THIS GENERATION" will continue buying their games each year as this is obviously the case. This is what every company wants to be able to achieve and they did just like Valve has been able to achieve this with their Steam engine and just like the other company that Activision owns has been able to do as well with Warcraft. BO proved that the consumers didn't give two sh*ts about the Infinity Ward debacle. Vote with your wallets people but know that you are in the minority of consumers that buy choose to buy these games clearly outway all the sh*t that gets talked on the internetz by blogs, N4G and haterz.

Hanif-8762920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

What they should focus on is trying to make the game run at a native HD resolution, at least 720p. Because all of them suffer from being too blurry especially Black Ops :-(

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Dart892920d ago

*We never – for any game – build a ‘brand new’ engine, but iterate on a solid base… adding what’s needed and innovates it.”

Yea cuz u guys are all cheap lazy devs but don't worry im sure BF3 will put you're game to shame on graphics and everything else.

LOGICWINS2920d ago

MW3 devs don't need to build a new engine because they KNOW people will buy it regardless. MW3 pre-orders are already occurring at FOUR TIMES the rate of Black Ops. BF3 could be a BLATANTLY better game than MW3..and MW3 will STILL outsell it and be more popular.

At this point, I doubt Infinity Ward even cares about BF3.

Finger-Eater2920d ago

Kid they havent even showed console gameplay yet, so hold your hat before you go crazy on graphics.

Dlacy13g2920d ago

Should DICE be afraid? Well yes and no. I mean look, BF3 will sell their fair share of games this year. Now, will it do better than Medal of Honor did last year? I think it stands a better chance than MOH did but reality is... the COD series is going to have to put out a game that is "average" in the medias eyes before they will feel a huge impact on sales. So if COD is still gonna sell millions then yes... BF3 should be afraid given all the shit talking they and EA have done about this game beating out COD.

tmoss7262920d ago

Too bad activision probably pays all the news sources to vote high

Nes_Daze2920d ago

I hope BF3 stomps on MW3 so that the developers will step their game up. I really have no clue as to why Call Of duty still sells the way it does, it's practically hype-driven.

Raven_Nomad2920d ago

Hype might work for a single game, but there is a tried and true formula as to why COD sells. Bottom line is for all the hate it's always the best selling game of the year, it always scores amazingly well on Metacritic and millions and millions of people play the games online at the same time.

No game is without flaw, but some of the people on this board make it seem as if COD is as bad as Haze or something.....

Nes_Daze2920d ago

It is no where near Haze, but I don't see it as the best FPS either, let alone worthy of being the most anticipated and best selling.

SixZeroFour2920d ago

you know what that "tried and true formula" is? its that the game is extremely noob friendly...when you have a game that is heavily team based and the masses prefer to go lone soldier and run and gun, there isnt a question as to why the CoD series does so well sales-wise

im not trying to bash the game, but CoD games and BF games cater to different types of ppl and there are only a vast minority of ppl that actually play as a team (that arent already friends irl) it doesnt matter that they are in the same genre

zero_gamer2920d ago

Because CoD fanboys are not gamers...they're Activision's marketing drones. As long as the drones keep buying new box art for $60 year after year CoD will always dominate the market.

Raven_Nomad2920d ago

Wait, so I'm not a "Gamer" because I buy and look forward to COD games?

I guess owning all the consoles and over 400 games doesn't count for much then huh? 20+ million people a year are buying a COD GAME and playing the GAME but they aren't mistake....

damnyouretall2920d ago

it will be interesting to see which modern war game does better and moves more units. but really it wont bother me cause there will be plenty of people playin the game i choose. and if youre a cod fanatic you still have to admit dice is doing one hell of a job with their game. cant wait till november man

Shaman2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

All I know is that MW2 on 360 looked great,it ran at 60fps and while it was sub hd it had 2xMSAA in comparison to another beloved shooter that looked worse,ran at twice less frames per second and had no AA.

I expect nothing but great things from MW3(graphically speaking),especially taking in account it runs at twice the frames than other shooters.

BlackKnight2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It's not the graphics that people really care about, its the fact that they make so much money off the game, sequels SHOULD be getting some real engine updates. COD4 was a great modification of the id tech 3 engine, but each version after has had MINOR changes and even gone backwards sometimes (cod5 moving to filtered shadow edges and MW2 going BACK to cod4 with unfiltered.)

And its the gameplay that really deserves the criticism. It is horribly unbalanced and has gone casual/downhill since cod4/5. With noobtubes, not having cod5's spawn protection or with horrible map/spawn design for spawn killing or ridiculous KS rewards to unbalanced perks rendering many perks is a hell of a un-professional game when compared to cod4.

Undeadwolfy2920d ago

I honestly dont mind 30fps in my shooters. If it is balanced, plays well, looks beautiful, the sound is stunning and has dedicated servers, id take that over a sloppy half assed yearly hype driven CoD game any day.

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