Sony Hints at Their E3 Press Conference Announcements

Sony has hinted at their E3 press conference announcements; further opening up the possibility to new game reveals.

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Prcko3717d ago

Sony-The ultimate king of exclusive games!!!!

iamnsuperman3717d ago

More. Awesome. Better get another job

Best3717d ago Show
iamnsuperman3717d ago

@Best Standard troll comment. Could have a least tried harder you comment was just lazy.

sikbeta3717d ago

lol Best, keep praying... XD


Gimme Moar Exclusives! wait, be gentle, my wallet has being rapped every year lol

Dart893717d ago Show
waterboy3717d ago

hey best, and yet ps3 still has the best looking exclusive games out of every game out and coming out too bad ps3 needs no successor

NAGNEWS3717d ago

kidnap kids and sell them to there parents

BattleAxe3717d ago

Best must be getting pretty good at playing Angry Birds on his iPad......Welp, back to Killzone 3 for me.

WhittO3717d ago

Really? We are going off someone replying to a comment saying "Lots of cool things!" ?

Doesn't sound like a mega tonne to me! haha

ppplllleeeaasseee give us PSN/XMB Re-Vamp!!
That's all I want now.

TOO PAWNED3717d ago

Sony to announce stuff at Sony press conference, stop the press!

MmaFan-Qc3717d ago


the only thing dying out is the "ps3 is doomed" foolish statements made by delusional.

btw my ps3 run better graphics than my ipad, saying otherwise would simply be blatant lie....wich you seem pretty used to.


Anarki3717d ago

Wow. talk about blowing something out of proportion. They sure as hell aren't going to tell you that they have a bad line up for E3 are they. This information is so vague, and tbh shouldn't have even made it on to N4G.

Rockstar3717d ago

@ Best
iPad owner here, what games are you playing?
I've got quite a few games but have yet to see PS3 quality visuals light up my screen.

What are you on and where can I get some?

/shakes head

paintsville3716d ago

Well what ever it is they'd better try and keep the attention away from their broken network. I'm sure NGP, 3-D (who cares), and Move stuff will dominate what ever they have in mind.

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Troll_Police3717d ago

So true. If Sony announced Starhawk and NGP before E3 just imagine how many games they have to announce at E3. They have so much to announce that they couldn't fit it all into E3.

a_bro3717d ago

i predict though most of the infomation were going to see from their E3 is going to be NGP. PS3 is just all about games, games, games.

Soldierone3717d ago

They pulled similar moves last year though. Resistance 3 was announced at another game show, Uncharted 3 was the GOTY awards, and so on.

Istanbull3717d ago

I cant wait for Sony's press conference, that is what E3 is all about, Sony

RedDead3717d ago

Want more versus Xiii info/gameplay and release date please(doubt this though, tgs more likely or JF)

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Cross game between PSP and PS3 and also sharing game save data between both platforms.

And the first game to do it is Monster Hunter Portable, will be playable on PS3 in HD along with PSP Users Online.

Also, NGP they will show more amazing features and games.

PSN with Steam along with PC and MAC Players, 1st console in the history to do it with Portal 2 Game.

Can't wait to see what other Projects Sony have for PS3 and 3rd Party Developers.

PS Move have 2 Games very interesting in the pipeline, Sorcery and the Survival Horror Game.

Also what about Agent, FF Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, I hope some new Info about that.

showtimefolks3717d ago

the core gamers more than any other company

at E3:

getaway 3
eight days
twisted metal
ape escape
ff13 versus
mgs:psp in hd
gow:psp in hd
last guardian
ico/sotc more info
syphon filter
david cage's new 2 games
SM studio's new games they are also woking on 2games
jak from ps2 in hd all 4 games
ratchet in hd from ps2
ff7 remake in hd


while nintendo is announcing a new system sony could actually show a lot more with ngp plus all the ps3 games

2:30hrs of sony's conference i am calling it now

Tr10wn3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Who's making the Getaway 3? if you know*

saladthieves3717d ago

June 6th People! Can you actually freaking believe that E3 is around the corner already? I could've sworn that (it feels like a few weeks) ago Kevin Butler was on the stage at E3...time flies when you are gamer.

Best of all, June 7th inFamous 2 comes out...Wow, just wow! I can say that E3 week will be AWESOME!

strange19863717d ago

In total agreement on that one - Infamous 2 and E3 announcements should make for good times.

showtimefolks3717d ago

i believe we will see something about it for sure

ps3destroyer3717d ago

The problem is the king of video games consoles isn't being choosed by exclusives because if that was the case psx would have been dead.

DarkCharizard_3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Ultimate king of exclusive games? Wow. I can't believe I just read that. Lets look at the upcoming exclusives that will actually be GOOD shall we?

1. Uncharted 3
2. The Last Guardian
3. Resistance 3
4. Infamous 2
5. Agent

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
2. The Last Story
3. Xenoblade
4. Kirby's Dreamland
5. Pikmin 3
6. Pandora's Tower
7. Dragon Quest X
8. Rhythm Heaven
9. Earth Seeker
10.Fatal Frame 2011

1. Gears 3
2. Forza 4
3. Codename Kingdoms
4. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor
5. Codename D
6. Star Wars
7. Rise of Nightmares

Twisted metal may have some potential, but it will probably suck. FF13 versus will be a disappointment. The rest are so bad that they're not even worth mentioning.

Looks like poor little Sony is left to bite the dust! :'(

Adva3716d ago

Quite a desperate attempt by a bot.

First he says "lets look at GOOD games" then goes on to name the following for Xbox: Rise of Nightmare, Star wars, Code-name D, Steel Battalion, and Kingdoms. I mean he says TM is bad, but somehow those xbox games are better just by looking at some pre-rendered videos? Hypocrite kid.

Same thing for Wii games. He listed all Wii games and expects them to be GOOD. While Ps3 games are automatically bad.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Hey Best, can't stand the fact that a certain console actually has games? And don't even know what Sony will announce at E3. :(

TVippy3716d ago

Nice "Article". =(((((((((((

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DaThreats3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

How is just saying lots of cool things news worthy?
It could be anything, like talking about PS3 sales.

N4GAddict3717d ago

Sony directly hinted at their E3 press conference announcements bro - the user they were responding too said what are you announcing at E3 because you've already announced Starhawk, and others. So responding to that directly hints at new exclusives - Sony just never fails to deliver.

toxic-inferno3717d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. This isn't really news. It's speculation based on an offhand comment. While I'm sure Sony will announce some great things at e3, this is not news.

-Alpha3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )


Unfortunately, nobody reads crap before approving. They see something that promotes their console and they insta-approve

3717d ago
BeastlyRig3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

no leaked info?

I think sony will take the cake from ms as always..

I'm sure ms will introduce xbox email feature for the hardcore crowd! can't wait!

Nes_Daze3717d ago

"Lots of cool things"? That's it? Thanks for the on to more speculation.

MiloGarret3717d ago

My guess is: A functioning online system.


Tripl3seis3717d ago

oooooh yea babiee bring out the good stuff E3 is gona be great for sony yea man.